Our Mission is to bring BEAUTY into your Life – from the inside and the outside.

We want to inspire you to live a more beautyfull life than you can even imagine by giving you the knowledge, tools, and love to find your way back into your heart.

We believe that it is your HEART that can create more beauty than your mind can even think of.

We believe it is everybody’s fate to have a beautyfull life and not only meant to be for a few.

It is like the old Saints and Sages already told – and now it is proven by modern science.

YES, YOU are meant to have that.

Sometimes it is not so easy to have that. The world we live in and the structures of our societies make it difficult to create a beautiful life sometimes. Therefore we do not hesitate to look at social problems beyond the general New Age and psychological “all is within you” mantra. This is called Spiritual Sociology. 

No matter where you come from, if you are a man or a woman, a worker, a nurse, a scientist, a painter, a poet, a hairdresser, a lonely heart, a hard-core intellectual, a farmer …


We provide you with the latest knowledge and knowing from Science, Art & Spirituality.

We provide easy reads and highly philosophical articles for beginners and for advanced souls.

All are presented in beautyfull artwork and made with love, as we think the world needs more beauty and more love!


Gabriele  & Benedikt

Dr. phil. Gabriele Maria Sigg 
Co-Founder & Editor in Chief 

Benedikt Just
Co-Founder & Director of “The Heart Revolution”

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Our Founders

Dr. Gabriele Sigg

Dr. Gabriele Maria Sigg (Gabriela) studied philosophy and sociology, investigating honor as the basis of a healthy society as her Ph.D. work. She is an expert in Greek philosophy and “Deutsche Geisteswissenschaft” (German Poets and Thinkers). Dr. Sigg translates the original Western spiritual and personal character development ideas for a fulfilled life into modern language. Through personal experience and her professional expertise in philosophy and sociology, she envisioned the importance of Emotional Education not to repeat the unproductive cycles of male-female / matriarchy-patriarchy / mind-emotional-polarization. Instead, her mission is to create a balanced society that embodies love, freedom, and honor (justice).

Benedikt Just

Benedikt has been passionate about finding the deepest secret of life and being human since the age of 13. His favorite topics are aether physics, emotional body enlightenment and music. A big lover of all things art he feels that the natural sciences and spiritual sciences needs art to deliver the deep answers. He uses art as an instrument of investigation. After 10+ years as a sound designer in the German movie industry he studied and received the Heilpraktiker [German Naturopath] license. 10 years of deep emotional healing work based on a new paradigm of emotional enlightenment, called enheartenment, led him to realize what it means to be human. While producing The Heart Revolution feature documentary, online event and online magazine he is continuously researching aether physics, music, emotions and the heart, working towards releasing his emotional matter model of life.

The Beautyfull Life Team

Without the dedicated, heartful and smart people behind the scenes, Beautyfull Life Magazine would not be what it is. 

Say hello to these wonderful folks!

Janet Wakelin

I am a writer, researcher, people and planetary wellbeing advocate, inspired by walking the ‘path of the heart’. I am based in South Africa.
Initially in marketing and customer relationship management for well-known service industry corporates. Then becoming aware of the interconnection of all life, I couldn’t ignore the challenges faced by the majority of South Africans, and our unique and exquisite but rapidly diminishing natural world, our home. I moved into community development and nature conservation in the non-profit sector, translating the first-world corporate skills into marketing, fundraising, communications and events coordination. I am passionate about interbeing, regeneration and conservation of our natural world, community and sustainable living, holistic health, wellbeing and living heartfully, interfaith, yoga, chanting, music and dance, exploring consciousness, and Love, and cherish daily walks in nature with a precious companion, gentle sweet-soul golden retriever.

Ahmed Magdy

Ahmed is an Egyptian medical doctor. He got his MBBS degree (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) from Mansoura University, Egypt. He is a public and global health enthusiast and has been learning and working in this field for the past 6 years in the (IFMSA) International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations. Ahmed advocates for One Health and Planetary Health wishing to contribute to creating a healthier and more compassionate world for everyone. 


Elinor is a writer and researcher exploring the intersection of humanities and science through embodied, heart-centered writing and photography. She has a dual undergraduate degree in History and Latin American Studies from the University of Virginia and is currently pursuing an MS in Integrative Medicine at George Washington University, with a desire to seek how history, anthropology, and language can inform medicine and the healing of the heart, mind, body, and soul, contributing to greater equality and prosperity in the world. She hopes to bridge the gap between practitioners and chronically ill and disabled patients through her studies and her own experience navigating the nonlinear cycles of illness and wellness. Originally from Charlottesville, Virginia, she has lived, worked, and studied in seven different countries and resides in Curitiba, Brazil, between the oceans and the mountains, with her husband and beloved dog. In her free time, she loves to read, bake, and observe the world around her through photography.

Elizabeth Rovere O'Kelley

MA, PsyD, is a clinical psychologist in New York City where she has a private practice of group, couples and individual therapy. She is keenly interested in faith and spirituality as a profound path of psychological transformation. Current work interests include the neuroscience and metaphor of the human heart, climate justice and esoteric religious history. Elizabeth is a RYT-200 BodyAwake Yoga Teacher (December 2020), trained in somatic approaches to trauma. She holds an MA from Yale in Russian and East European Studies, an MTS from Harvard Divinity and a PsyD from William James College. Her clinical training was at Harvard University and NYU Medical Center. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and their 2 daughters, and 2 cats.

Michelle Estevez

[USA] Helped birthing the first version of the magazine at The Heart Revolution and now is taking a break.