Let's Team Up

We’d love to collaborate with you to bring Beautyfull Life & The Heart Revolution to everyone who wants to have a beautiful life.


We are on a mission to ignite a cross-cultural redefinition of the purpose of the human heart and introduce the idea of heart education.

A redefinition, we firmly believe, will help paint a new picture of the human condition and potential. And it might help increase the quality of life of billions of people worldwide.

We certainly can’t do this on our own, and we love to collaborate with like-hearted and minded people.

Our Partner Program

It’s simple.

If you share our summit, courses, cast interviews, ebook and magazine with your audience, we want to share the fruits with you, too 🙂

For each purchase referred by you, you'll receive

50% for The Heart Revolution Summit

30% for Beautyfull Life Courses

30% for The Heart Revolution Cast Interviews

30% for Beautyfull Life Magazine annual subscription [recurring]

30% for "Heart Life' special edition ebook

Here is how it works:

  1. You apply as an affiliate/partner
  2. We take a few days to check out if we feel that you and we are a good fit for each other
  3. If yes, you’ll get an email to finish setting up your account
  4. You can start using our creatives, modify them and share them with your personal link
  5. People use your link to sign up for the free event
  6. They will have access to 30+ speakers for free for 7 days
  7. During that time, we let them know that they can purchase the full unlimited access to 60+ current and upcoming speakers
  8. If they purchase the full unlimited access, you will receive 50% of the revenue from your referral
  9. We have a 30 day refund guarantee. 60 days after the end of the payment month, if your payouts are $100+, we need 14 days for accounting, and then send you your referral payouts via PayPal