BeautyFull Life Courses

In our BeautyFull Life courses we focus on topics, teachings, approaches and information you won’t find anywhere else. They help you heal, awaken & empower your flowering heart, mind & body.

Learning to paint, cook, play an instrument, dance, or any other skill comes from practice.

Our courses are focused on practice and experience. You won’t have to spend hours to overload your mind. You can start practicing right away. This is how you change – you practice.

Cultivating Heart Qualities

Due to the hype around Eastern spiritual traditions few people know about the original Western spiritual treasures.

There is a rich and deep, unfortunately mostly forgotten, ancient, pre-religious, Western spirituality. It is the counter-part to Eastern spirituality. To embody your soul’s full potential, you’ll have to walk both paths at the right time …

Dr. Gabriele Sigg, director of philosophic research at The Heart Revolution, studied philosophy and sociology with a focus on ancient Greek philosophy, Plato & Aristoteles, and the ‘Deutsche Geisteswissenschaften’ [German spirit sciences], Schiller and Goethe.

She has translated the ancient Western wisdom into modern-day language and teaches a down-to-Earth approach to a fulfilled life based on the original teachings of Western spiritual philosophy.

Partner Courses

Courses of organizations that we feel a strong mission alignment.

These courses can help you experience topics that we explore in our magazine, documentary and summit. Some courses are from experts also featured in our film and summit.

Explore the power and beauty of your heart, mind and body and learn to heal emotional wounds and nurture your self to share your wonderful gifts with the world and be the beautiful and powerful you, you came here to be.

Your Heart Intelligence

Rollin McCraty, PhD

Learn what it takes to achieve “heart coherence,” where the heart, brain, and nervous system are aligned and in sync — giving you inner peace, a renewed sense of energy, clearheadedness, and a strong immune system.

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Near Death Rebirth

Anita Moorjani

After literally dying and coming back, Anita Moorjani, author of the bestseller, Dying to Be Me, viewed the world completely differently. Liberate yourself from all that you’ve been indoctrinated to believe during this lifetime. Release your true nature so that you can really see how powerful and magnificent you are.

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The Emotion Code

Dr. Bradley Nelson

Discover an easy, yet powerful, proven approach to energy healing that quickly releases trapped emotions to resolve underlying physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances for a healthier, happier life.

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Power of the Placebo

Dr. Shamini Jain

Discover what placebo research is teaching us about the power of intention, relationship, and ritual to expand your consciousness and manifest the life you desire. Explore the vital role of connecting with your biofield for a deeper healing experience.

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Human by Design

Gregg Braden

Join visionary Gregg Braden to awaken your deep intuition, precognition, and advanced states of self-healing. Discover the surprising science that reimagines the very origins of humanity… revealing how you’re more than you’ve ever imagined!

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Life Visioning

Michael Bernard Beckwith

In our 40s, 50s, and beyond, we are better prepared to express our highest purpose… The Law of Attraction, affirmations, vision boards, and your go-to forms of prayer and meditation may no longer yield the “answers” you’re seeking. These tools may no longer be suited to guide you to your next level of wholeness and beauty …

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Energy Codes Approach

Dr. Sue Morter

You could learn to release “the story” that keeps you stuck and imprisoned in limitations and past versions of yourself. Use your energy to transmute difficult feelings, like fear, anger, frustration, or grief, into waves of grace and creativity — supporting you in creating a new, harmonious and wonderful life.

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Aging Into Awakening

Ram Dass

Receive liberating insights that open you to a journey of aging that is spiritually fulfilling, joy-filled, and infused with love. Discover how to laugh more, fear less, and accept everything as a blessing through the profound teachings of one of America’s most revered spiritual teachers.

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QiGong for Better Health

Daisy Lee

For thousands of years, practitioners of Zang Fu Gong have reported a variety of noticeable health benefits, including stronger immunity, less downtime during illnesses, more emotional stability, reaching and maintaining a healthy weight, improved circulation, more energy, greater intuition, and so much more…

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Healing Your Electric Body

Eileen McKusick

Medical research shows that increased stress, sedentary lifestyles, and environmental factors can cause a lifetime of negative effects, degrading bone tissue, and reducing bone mass. The remedy is to tune in to our emotions. Learn how to locate them energetically in your body. Then work with them, and transmute them.

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Supercharge Your Chakras

Anodea Judith, PhD

Ready For a Powerful New Approach to Your Chakra Practice That Enables More Body-Mind Integration, Wholeness and Balance of Your Energies? Discover How to Harness Your Life Force to Remove the Blocks to Your Full Potential and Go to the Next Level of Self-expression, Power, Intuition and More.

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