The spiritual awakening process can be the cataclysmic catapult that can shift someone functioning on autopilot to living as an awakened person. By no means is it a straightforward walk in the park. On the contrary, the path is just as rewarding as it is challenging, and perhaps this is what true freedom is all about. The adventurous reward stems from moments of self-reliance and an innate understanding that we are always supported.

To awaken from a comfortable slumber marks the beginning of a lifetime of unlearning the programs in our subconscious mind, reimagining limiting beliefs, and nurturing a deeper relationship with benevolent energies and life force.

It is the rebirth from an old way of seeing to a more embodied approach toward interacting with the world. If you’re on the spiritual path, you might remember the exact moment that led to your spiritual awakening, or perhaps it might be a culmination of moments. For others, awakening has always been part of their process while navigating through a three-dimensional realm. Regardless, while uniquely perceived, there are similar facets we all experience on the journey to self-realization and cosmic unity.

Suppose you’re curious about how to awaken your spirit or connect beyond the material level. Some callings might feel riskier in the sense you might feel a ping to leave a long-term relationship or move to a new location. However, trusting these gentle whispers is a testament to an awakened person’s relationship with themselves and the divine. It is always developing, and there is always an opportunity to lean in further to the mystery.

Remembering our awakened nature

When we are in this committed dance with the universe, we may also develop a spiritual toolbox to keep us in tune. Some include energy healing, prayer, working with chakra healing, and simply listening to nature’s wisdom.
Bonus tip? The sweet thing is we are already spiritual beings, and the universe is a profoundly spiritual place. In that case, we are already awakened beings. So we must remember who we are and return to that. A lot of times, this means cutting out the excess, the distractions.

When we were born on this planet, our conditioning came through to teach us how to function in our human suit, like learning language and categorizing colors. As helpful as this may be to ensuring levels of communication and understanding, there is an opportunity to return to the core of our being, the origins of our soul, through various spiritual practices. When we do this, not only do we step deeper into our awakening, we also create the opportunity to bridge spirituality and ground it into this dimension. But, of course, none of this is separate from one or the other either.

What is an awakened person?

An awakened person is an individual who sees beyond the surface of a message, belief, or system. If this sounds like you, you’ll know it comes with a shadow side. It’s not always sunshine and epiphanies. It can quite often be the exact opposite. When someone is awakened to see beyond surface-level stimuli, they are also awakened to the discrepancies of duality and societal conditioning. Awakening can lead to learning more about esoteric and spiritual teachings that shed light and inspire more wonder and curiosity.

This could also take the form of awakening to one’s truest potential and life calling. On the other hand, it can also look like someone awakened to old conditioning and societal beliefs. There isn’t one way to be awakened because it is not so much about being awake, but rather what one does when they have finally opened their eyes.

The awakened person sees and understands what is required of them now that they have woken up from the fog of the past. Now they have the option to answer the call to tend to their inner world with intention and devotion. This can look different for you than it does for me, and there is no right or wrong answer.

An awakened person might work with the tools they have acquired to see beyond deceit or illusion. Rather than being someone who sits atop a mountain or in a cave, I don’t believe there is a set of rules one must follow in order to be awakened. Instead, there is a level of understanding that becomes integrated into one’s being when awakened. Rather than merely accepting the world at face value or becoming irritated in traffic, the awakened person asks questions with a curious and child-like wonder.

How do you become an awakened person?

If you’re reading this, chances are you are already aware of your awakening, or else this question wouldn’t have made it to your awareness. The more you devote yourself to your spiritual practices and tend to the callings of your soul, the deeper you will root into the truth of your awakened soul. Remember, there are no rules either. While yoga and meditation might work for another, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll work the same for you. Find your flow and answer from the voice within.

Maybe you’re curious as to how to awaken another individual. It can be challenging to live in a world where many are asleep to their greatest potential, and this is where it is essential to practice the embodiment of compassion. The fact of the matter is, no matter how hard you try, it is not up to you to awaken the world. One of the most helpful things you can do as an awakened person is to authentically express yourself, trust in your gifts, and hold the frequency that everyone has what they need. The more we lean into this, the more we can reserve and share energy with those who are open to receiving and sharing insights to usher humanity’s evolution.

Five qualities of an awakened person and how to integrate them into your life

If you are looking to deepen your spiritual practices and lead as an awakened person, you might consider how you relate to the following qualities.


The ability to observe others and situations, free from judgment, is a trait that results from devoted practice toward inner growth. In practice, observation can look like sitting on the back porch and watching the blue jays pick seeds from my bird feeder in the morning. It can appear as I sit with my breath and observe how tension releases upon every exhale or perhaps during a therapeutic journaling session.

While I don’t claim to be a sage or guru, I understand the power I have to shift my reality through intentional observation. Taking these practices and applying them in day-to-day experiences can present opportunities for more peace and understanding in relationships and your overall outlook.

Perhaps you’re waiting in a long line at the store and notice you feel impatient and start tapping your feet on the ground or anxiously scrolling through your phone. Awakened or not, it happens to the best of us. The difference here lies in the ability to notice what is coming up and thoughtfully observe. Perhaps you notice a complication with the computer and accept this as an opportunity to slow down. You might catch yourself tapping your foot as you remember there is nowhere to rush to.

The gift of practicing embodied observation creates a buffer between moments where you might take a step back and return to the present moment.

Inner silence

It’s no secret our world is riddled with extra noise, stimuli, and distraction. For example, if marketing ploys and strategic messaging constantly bombard us, it’s only a reflection of the number of thoughts that might be running through our minds. While thoughts aren’t necessarily good or bad, there is a level of discernment necessary when acknowledging the inner world.

In this case, the awakened person is not phased by the hum of a buzzing world because their embodiment allows and welcomes space to receive whatever thoughts or emotions come up. Rather than trying to quiet the mind, the awakened man or woman understands the value of sitting with the chatter. They understand the importance of decoding symbolism through silence rather than for silence.


Here’s the thing. Just because you have awakened doesn’t mean you can sit back and kick your feet up. The awakened person knows all the answers to their questions exist within. This also means any pitfalls or perceived failures cannot be projected onto external circumstances. When you are awakened, there is no escaping yourself, taking the easy way, or pushing your truth down.

Self-accountability is a quality that puts you at the forefront of your personal power. If you are awakened to yourself and all that is around you, there will be numerous opportunities to hold yourself to your divine will. Perhaps you are working on being more disciplined to the business you are growing, or maybe you are developing a spiritual practice.

Any distractions or paths that take you away from your intention are an opportunity to go within, check-in, and hold yourself accountable.

When we hold ourselves accountable for the life we wish to create for ourselves, we are stepping into true freedom. It doesn’t come from the outside world. With that comes a responsibility to continuously show up to yourself, to your awakened vision. This also creates an opportunity to meet yourself with love and compassion rather than beating yourself up.

Free from expectations

An awakened person understands the difference between an intention and expectation. An intention sets the tone for the desired outcome, while expectation holds it as the merit to distinguish pass or fail. Think about the times other people held you to expectations you could not meet. Maybe this was an experience you had where a family member expected you to act a certain way. Or perhaps you placed an expectation on how an experience would go while venturing on an adventure.

By setting ourselves free from expectation, we awaken to the possibility of better and more aligned outcomes to come into our field.

Respects all of nature

Nature is not in the woods we visit or the beaches we enjoy—it is all that we are. We are nature. We are walking forests and flowing rivers. We are the embodiment of all of the natural forces that govern this universe. When we respect nature, we respect ourselves. The awakened individual is aware of the impact his or her steps leave on the world, for it is the same effect that is imprinted in themselves. When we see litter on the ground and pick it up, not only are we tending to the Earth, we are paying homage to the parts of our psyche that are also worthy of being kept pure.

We are all awakened just at different capacities

The awakened path is a continuous ebb and flow of embodying the qualities mentioned above. Some days might be filled with ease, while others might challenge us to look at our devotion. Regardless, it is all welcome, and the same challenges that can bring us to our knees are the same ones that wake us up even further to our greatest potential. Wherever you are along this path, you are right where you need to be. Take it in. Soak in it. Revel it for the magic and opportunity to challenge yourself and the beauty that we are constantly evolving.

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