Challenging 5000 years of spiritual guidance, 2400 years of philosophical teachings, and 140 years of psychological premise and practice.

“Only an emotospiritually mature personal self is qualified

to ever be a nondual enlightened Sage or ever fully

embody Love in all things as an embodied Saint.”

– Stace Barron –

As an evolutionary step towards a deeper understanding and embodiment of what we call heartfulness, the emoto-spiritual paradigm of Edenity offers us as spiritual beings having human experience a way to finally learn how to authentically embody both our humanness and our Divine nature simultaneously. This happens when we learn how to utilize our emotivity, or emotional capacity of being, to do so. This is something no empirical, psychological, religious, philosophical, spiritual, or secular worldview has ever offered, especially in ways where the metaphysics of the worldview resonate perfectly with its downline dharma and consciousness goals.

Such has not been available until now because all of our worldviews east and west, ancient and modern, have vilified the personal aspect of consciousness as impedimentary to spiritual growth in some manner, thereby rendering serious and sober investment into both as equally resonant dimensions of our being as exclusionary. This has split us individually and as species from our actual being in ways that are clearly displayed in the current troubled state of our modern world.

If over 5000 years of spiritual guidance, 2400 years of philosophical teachings, including 850 years of humanistic thought starting with Petrarch, and 140 years of psychological premise and process haven’t worked to create a non-violent, just, and equanimous earthen civilization, perhaps it’s time to ask ourselves why. And in that curiosity, consider how virtually all of what we’ve taught ourselves about being human expressions of our deeper Soulful being has been either incomplete or errant.

Edenity is the product of 40 years of effort to counterintuitively deconstruct our worldwide conditioning in all the domains of the human condition down to their base componencies in order to reveal how and why our overall assumptions about the nature of human consciousness and its expression in what we call the human condition have led us to our current state of the world.

When the end-product of any theory or process is rife with violence, invasivity, injustice, cruelty, inhumanity, and greed, and so exclusionary to our overall personal and global effort to create well- being, we need to look no further than the base assumptions of reality upon which we have constructed our world as the culprits. Here is where the best of our intentions has invariably led us to a precipice that doesn’t just threaten our potential for thrival but our outright survival as well.

Mountain Landscape
Mountain Landscape (ca.1923–1926) painting in high resolution by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. Original from The Detroit Institute of Arts. Digitally enhanced by rawpixel.

Edenity itself is based in three base assumptions never before offered as the essential foundation for human consciousness. The first offers that human consciousness is essentially emotive, not illusional, willful, mental, mindful, energetic, or merely a product of brain activity.

This assumption replaces all previous philo-psychological assumptions of our basic nature: the ‘I think, therefore I am’ of rational empiricism; the ‘I am body, therefore I am,’ of modern neurobiologism; the ‘I am innately sinful, therefore I am unworthy’ of western religionism; and the ‘I is nondual, therefore I am not’ of esoteric Buddhism & Hinduism. Edenity replaces them all with a new counterintuitive governing dynamic based in ‘We feel, therefore we are,’ how it is our capacity to emotivate that represents the fundamental quality of human consciousness. This re-orientation changes virtually every aspect of psychological, philosophical, religious, and spiritual diagnoses of human suffering and our attempts for its amelioration, east and west, past and present.

The second assumption is that we are all wholly responsible for the content of our unconscious and how it rules our conscious world and all of our values and their expressions, especially our spiritual ones, to the degree we’re not aware of and not actively working with that truth. Thus, the degree we do not realize how much our unconscious wound-based motives rule our conscious intentions, actions, and their outcomes is the degree of our personal and global evolutionary stasis.

Unhealed and thus unmanifested, this element unconsciously leads us to toxically seek and attach to the whole range of ancient and modern psychological, philosophical and spiritual teachers or teachings as the basis upon which we self-identify and as a result lack an emotively mature self- authority never imbued in us because of species-wide and historically unavoidable dystrophic parenting and dystrophic societal and cultural conditioning.

And the third is that personal self-consciousness or ego is Divine in its intrinsic nature, neither an illusion nor originally-sinned, and thus is not innately impedimentary to spiritual maturity. In that way, our personal being doesn’t need to be redeemed of unworth, ignobled, rendered illusional, melded into Oneness, re-united with God, or transcended actively in enlightenment or passively through Presence: we are structurally already ‘home’ spiritually in our being and with Divine Being, and only need to learn to emotosoulfully heal enough to personally experience that fact.

This means traditional spiritual teachings east or west that renunciate or vilify the personal self as inherently sinful, illusional, or structurally and/or transactionally impedimentary to Spirit no longer apply to our incarnative challenges in the current age. In the Wholoarchy of Radiant Essential Being, whenever you attempt to vilify or transcend the holon-personal, you will always automatically experientially disconnect yourself from the Wholon-Divine.

Winter Landscape Moonlight
Winter Landscape in Moonlight (1919) painting in high resolution by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. Original from The Detroit Institute of Arts. Digitally enhanced by rawpixel.

In that vein, Edenity offers how the very version of the personal self that is doing our psychological, philosophical, and spiritual seeking is by default an artificially conditioned and wound-based version of ourselves enculturated into us by the malconditioned personal and collective consciousnesses of parents, cultures, societies, religions, and spiritual orientations of all kinds. In that way, we all unconsciously strategically sculpt ourselves into false shapes throughout our lives in order to engender human acceptance and avoid human rejection, and in that way sustain and extend the true cause of our suffering while ensuring its actual source code remains invisible.

As such, Edenity takes Jiddhu Krishnamurti’s beautifully articulated teaching how ‘It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society’ to it deeper emotive-based ontogeny, wherein it is only an emotively inauthentic artificial version of ourselves who both seeks and provides psychological or spiritual treatment for our suffering, an impotent positive feedback loop that uses tainted ‘detergent’ to wash equally tainted ‘impurities.’

We thus all have two births, the first natural physical one and a second artificial one completed before the age of 12 when our emotional body was conditioned to lose its primacy as our essential being and instead subsumed as problematic relative to the needs of our willful, mental, and physical bodies. All along, our willful, mental, and physical bodies have been downstream subsets of our emotosoulful body, and as such, our emotively suffused authentic self has been buried beneath that energetic, strategic, and protective self-inauthentic version of ourselves.

This changes the entire way we look at the cause and the solution to human suffering, as the largest percentage of our suffering can be shown to be caused by the loss of access to our Love-based, innate, authentic, and Soulful emotive being, the actual root cause-foundation of all of our travail.

In that way, we’ve never realized our inauthentic wound-based overlays of self are actually the ones that have both invented and utilized all of our secular and spiritual psychological, philosophical, and religious dharmas. Based in such a wound-based foundation, all of our ancient and modern ideas and ways of trying to deal with human suffering and plumb the meaning of human existence will be inevitably limited or tainted within an epistemological frame as a case of ‘Distortion in, Distortion out.’ Those limitations explain why we’ve never realized that human consciousness is essentially emotive, flowing innately from our spiritual root-nature of and as Love, not any root-nature of mere mindfulness, mentality, nonduality, universality, energy, or physicality.

Burdened by how it has always been the false Protector version of the personal self of humankind that invented all the psychological, philosophical, religious, or spiritual interventions or treatments for the processing or transcendence of suffering, we remain blind to how it is our only unhealed, false, and defensed pseudo-self whose effect is that all of our interventions, treatments, and dharma prevent or limit real access to the actual emotive primacy of personal being and consciousness as the legacy of offspring of a Love-based Divine Being.

Only a third (re)birth or re-emergence of our original emotive-based authentic selves will allow a foundation to discover the base cause of human suffering in ourselves and in the relationships, families, cultures, societies, religions, and institutions originally and unconsciously contributive to that internal and externalized schism in the first place. Only after such a third birth can such an authentic spiritual path be then undertaken without acting as a numbing medication or transcendental drug to tamp down the ramifications of our lost emotive authenticity.

It is past time to see how the emotional body has been erroneously rendered a problematic scapegoat impeding our more evolved consciousness goals instead of the essential font of our being and unrealized bridge linking human with the Divine. As such, without addressing those ontogenic roots of how human suffering emerges out of that initial schism between the authentic emotive- based self we were born as, and our second birth as the inauthentic willful-, mental-, or physical– based self we were malconditioned to become, our efforts to address human suffering can only treat downline symptomology, limiting emotive authentication and mature spiritual realization.

Edenity is based on the premise that only a priorly established state of emotional maturity will ever engender a later state of spiritual maturity beyond mere spiritual attainments of all kinds. Edenity offers such a dharma called Emotional Body Ensoulment. When followed afterward or in tandem by Edenity’s Mental Body and Willful Body Ensoulment dharmas, all states of spiritual focus are recalibrated and alchemized from mere attainments into real embodiments from the ground up and from the inside out instead of from the top down and from the outside in.

As it does, our human feet and spiritual wings of our true spiritual nature are finally then made integratable and mutually resonant, one heart and one soul at a time.

Edenity thus offers a meta-dharma for the Yin Phase of human consciousness evolution that began in December of 2012 without renunciating or transcending any aspect of ego-based earthen life to access Presence, abide in Spirit, actuate nondual liberation, or unfoldment into Universality all the while retaining our personal being. The quasi-state of Atma Brahmesh or Enheartenment, an asymptotic acme of consciousness created by the triple attainment of Emotional, Mental, and Willful Body Ensoulments in one lifetime, re-templates the myth of the ‘fall-from-grace’ from Eden to a ‘Rise-to-Wholeness,’ how every component of life is a fractal of Divine Being in expression.

As such, we then learn to experience earth-as-heaven in spite of all its travails, and not any kind of heaven-on-earth or utopia bereft of suffering. In that way, we have a chance to create a new personally-embodied reboot of the myth of the fall in Eden as a Soul-based ‘Edenity’ ever-arising in the Presence of Love and Connectedness of all things in a Promised Land of seamless Divine Fullness in all aspects of incarnative life. The movement then from wound-conditioned-based identity to emotively authentic-based Edenity is our common consciousness maturation track.

When we do this, we come to the personal realization that energy is neither the base dynamic of matter nor of consciousness as currently held in virtually all paradigms of the human condition east and west. Emotivity is not made of energy, energy is made of emotivity, specifically in the frequencies of a fathomless plasmatheric Love-Essence the mind can never grasp or fully understand Edenity refers to as Eichor. This allows an embodiment of our Divine humanity based neither in its secondary forms as energetic vibrations and willful movements, nor its tertiary expressions of mere mental abstractive and understandings, but in Love as the essence of all Being.

Another dimension that has tragically limited our emotosoulful evolution is that all of our guiding ancient and most modern religious and spiritual teachings are based not only in mere belief, but also that those beliefs are held as rigid absolute truths that can never be questioned. This is why neither western religions like Islam, Christianity, and Judaism, nor eastern religions like mainstream Hinduism and Buddhism are evolvable in their metaphysics: their assumptions about God and the personal self are held and taught as non-negotiable absolutes to be merely believed in as the algorithms to attain whatever their paradigm defines as the goal of spiritual effort.

Edenity offers that it is utterly impossible for any human being, no matter how convinced they may be that they have received Divine guidance, to ever possess any kind of Absolute Truth, such that such an illusion must be unquestionably believed in instead of constantly being tested in the crucible of human experience for both intellectual and emotospiritual sobriety. As such, all teachings based upon such non-negotiable absolute truths are immeasurably limited in the all the downline teachings, rituals, and the forms and expressions of what they define as their ultimate end-goals of human consciousness here or in the afterlife.

Coastal Landscape
Coastal Landscape on Fehmarn (ca.1913) paintings in high resolution by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. Original from The Detroit Institute of Arts. Digitally enhanced by rawpixel.

Ancient eastern esotericism such as nondual-based Advaita Vedanta of Hinduism and Zen Buddhism, all the while tragically priding themselves on their pristine teachings of non-attachment algorithms of transcendence-based effort, are equally rigid in their over-attachment to their own set of non-negotiable absolute that the personal sense of consciousness is mere illusion, the liberation of which is defined as enlightenment. Whenever a paradigm defines its teachings as non-negotiably absolute, which Zen and Advaita Vedanta-based effort do every day in every ashram, sangha, meditation hall, or satsang by an independent guru, the absolute truth about the illusional nature of personal consciousness can never be questioned. Anyone who does so is seen as dualistically over – attached to its own dualistic illusion and thus cravenly unenlightened, all the while those who judge it as such are themselves unenlightenedly and cravenly over-attached to their own personal-as-illusory and nonduality-as-essence-based addictions, positions, paradigms, and teachings.

Part II is coming soon …