“Sapere Aude” – “Dare to Know” was the headline of the Age of Enlightenment. Rational thinking and common sense are highly regarded values in our western societies, which are intended to solve our problems. However, how is it, that even though we live in a highly rationalized society and yet, there are so many problems, although we believe, rationality is the glue to fix everything?

Supressed Emotions Navigate our Behaviour on a Subconscious Level

It is widely known and scientifically proven, that our behaviour is guided by our emotions rather than our thoughts. Often what happens is that we rationalize this unconscious decision made by our emotional state, especially because in most western societies it is necessary to explain why you act in a certain why.

Wouldn’t it be logical to educate our emotions, feelings and sentiments (intuitions could be a better word here) as well as we educate our brain? Why do we neglect this knowledge and keep on moving as usual?

heart chakra symbol ancient egypt flower art
[Chakra collage art illustration from The Heart Revolution by Benedikt Just]

Transgenerative Passing on of Trauma 

The problem with unconscious emotional-based decisions is that they are mostly not self-paced. We are unconsciously informed from our families and our ancestors. We are influenced about 7 or 8 generations back in our lineage. For instance, if your family went through the war, you might still have that trauma in your cells and might not know why you are getting stressed in certain situations, which could be triggered through this.

Emotions and Feelings

While feeling and intuition are part of your soul’s true nature. Emotions are often the baggage we carry through our different life times and need to be resolved as they confuse our current stay of being. Animals, for instance, tremble after any traumatic experience while humans learn to bottle them up, which can end up harming the body.

sacral chakra symbol woman venus and math collage art
[Chakra collage art illustration from The Heart Revolution by Benedikt Just]

Dare to Feel!

The Enlightenment 2.0 is only for the real brave ones, who admit to feel and work through all inherited trauma and heal the core wounds of society. To build a new society and new patterns it is inevitable to heal certain, but not all, inherited emotions and step into a new version of yourself, which then can be self-paced in its’ true meaning.

The Enlightenment 2.0: The Sentient Thinking 

With all this emotional work, we have to avoid one mistake and be very aware of it. With the reintegration of our emotional body and our feelings, it is not meant to forget everything what we learned thanks to the Age of Enlightenment: Thinking is still very important, but needs to fully flourish be re-connected to our soul’s intuition.

The sentient thinking will not only make us free, but also connected; not only equal, but also unique; and not only brotherly, but also sisterly. Therefore not only “dare to know”, but also “dare to feel” and see, that feeling is also a form of knowledge.