Our Vision

We believe life wants everyone, no matter what gender, age, race, education, state of health, financial situation or any other seemingly challenging or seemingly beneficial situation to have a beauty-full life.

Our Mission

We present fresh, unusual, heart-warming, mind-bending, ground-breaking and dogma-shaking stories, ideas, practices, approaches, technologies, products, organizations, projects and people that can help you have a beautyfull life.

What is a Beautyfull Life?

We have a beautyfull life when we experience moments of beauty, until we can find beauty even during the hardships and challenges we encounter in life. Together, we’ll explore how to have more and more beautyful moments.

What is Beauty?

True beauty is natural, eternal, spiritual and material. All in one. All interconnected. It is the natural expression of life.

True beauty cannot be measured or quantified, but it can be experienced.

And your flowering heart is the key to this beauty of life.

How Does Beauty Affect Us?

Encountering true beauty makes you smile, weep, relax, dance, love, feel awe, sing, sigh, and many other reactions.

Encountering true beauty will always be uplifting and empowering, and remind and inspire you to be who you really are.

How Can We Have a Beautyfull Life?

What if entering a state of receptiveness for beauty can be systematically trained?

It requires a ‘new’ form of education, cultivation, and integration of the heart, mind and body.

Healing, awakening and nurturing our flowering heart is the forgotten key.

Can Everyone Have a Beautyfull Life?

We wholeheartedly believe so.

A beautyfull life is more than being healthy, more than having lots of money, more than having a hot, loving partner, more than being a celebrity, professor or ruler of the universe. Even more than having 1+ Mio Instagram followers 😉

Some of the poorest people in the world feel more content and joy in their lives than most of the well-off Western population.

We believe having a beauty-full life is first and foremost a matter of the heart. If you have a heart, you can learn how to make it flower. Along with your heart, your mind and body will flower, and you can have a beautyfull life.