What does having a spiritual connection mean?

Developing a strong spiritual connection is not something you can purchase in a grocery store or learn by reading a book. It usually comes after going through profound emotional experiences, relationships, and life-changing challenges.

Self-connection is a state of being in which you can tune into your higher self, your emotional, spiritual, and physical needs, balancing them in your daily decisions.

A deep spiritual connection helps you listen to your intuition and become aware of your five senses to quickly understand what things are keeping you from experiencing a thriving a healthy life.

Every action you make serves a higher purpose, and you can deal with negative emotions more successfully. It’s a heightened state of being that can make you more independent and find inner peace—even during the most challenging times.

When you experience a strong spiritual bond with yourself, you cherish your time and don’t waste it on any projects or relations that don’t align with your spiritual objectives.

In my personal experience, I was obsessed with being perceived by my family and friends as someone intellectual, engaged in the current music culture, and intelligent enough to engage in meaningful conversations.

I spent all day reading news that didn’t interest me, books I didn’t enjoy and music that only my friends liked so I could be “cool.”

It was only when I started meditating on a daily basis that I woke up from that slumber and realized that I was trying too hard to run counter to my identity.

My personal and spiritual goals were uncovered and I discovered that it wasn’t supposed to feel uphill.

You make room for meaningful pursuits and have your priorities straight, which prevents you from other people manipulating you to suit their desires.

Overall, a true spiritual connection makes you feel fulfilled in all aspects of your life while encouraging you to aspire for more. 

It leads you to value your body and take care of it with nutritional food, exercise, and have consistent sleeping habits. Your emotional and mental health also takes more relevance in your life, and you find the time to address any unmet needs or unresolved matters.

You fully recognize your emotions and express them openly without feeling guilty or ashamed. You are honest with yourself and do your best to be truthful to others without hurting their feelings in the process.

A strong spiritual connection to yourself makes you curious and open-minded. You no longer stick to your worldviews, and you grow interested in learning about other people’s perspectives. New knowledge and art expand your horizons, and spending time in nature becomes a necessity in your life.

Spiritual connection impacts every area of life, from your health to your social connections, hobbies, and profession. 

That is why establishing a daily spiritual practice and strengthening this connection helps us improve all aspects of our lives that are out of balance.

And you don’t have to go to a spiritual retreat in the Himalayas to enhance your connection with your inner self. You can start with honoring your needs, spending time in nature, and listening to your intuition before committing to major projects.

Don’t accept invitations to places you don’t want to go, don’t see people who don’t enrich your personal journey, and spend time alone when you want to. I find it very helpful to talk to my spirit guides and ask for signs when I feel lost. The more I turn to them, the more signs they leave in my path.

We can develop habits that guarantee we regularly check in with our emotions and needs, honor our priorities, and restore connection when it is muffled in the clamor of our hectic modern life.

The results are nothing but a more fulfilling life where we feel fully engaged with our circumstances and welcome new experience with gratitude and excitement.

This might be the most satisfying way to inhabit this world and feel grateful for the life we are living in this incarnation.

Spiritual connection in our relationships

We begin to experience more rewarding relationships as we strengthen our spiritual connection. After all, spirituality connects us to everything around us because we all come from the same creative source.

Have you ever had a relationship start with the best dispositions only for nothing to happen? This is not a very pleasant experience, especially because it probably left you wondering what did you do wrong—as if things got out of your control.

Well, you are not alone. 

It’s hard to understand what happened, especially when things appear fine and you definitely felt a strong physical attraction. You laugh at each other jokes, liked the same Netflix shows, share the same outlook on life. So, what was the problem?

Before you start doubting yourself and questioning all your conversations and attitudes, the explanation is more profound than that.

It has nothing to do with the chemistry you share, the clothes you wear, or your musical tastes. If there is no spiritual connection between the two, it is tough for the relationship to thrive.

What does it mean to have a spiritual connection with someone?

Before you can experience a genuine bond with someone else, you must first develop a connection with your inner self. It is almost impossible to realize the attachment you have with another being’s soul if you are not grounded in your intuition and higher self.

Do you remember feeling uncomfortable and stressed out in one relationship and then completely confident and chill in another? People with a strong spiritual connection intuitively understand why this happens.

It’s really no one’s fault, actually. It’s not about your physical appearance, maturity level, or life purpose.

A spiritual relationship means that two people have a sixth sense of each other. They instinctively know what they are feeling, anticipate their needs, and understand their most profound concerns.

Some of these couples even sense when they are about to show up at their door and don’t even need to share their phone numbers to set up their dates.

This is exactly what we mean when talking about having a spiritual relationship. It’s all about the spiritual connection you have with the other person, beyond physical attraction, sex, or words.

A spiritual relationship is when two people share harmony, understanding, and serenity when they are together. 

The feelings they sense for each other come deep from within their hearts and it can be compared to finding our soul mate. 

A spiritual relationship leads us to explore our souls and take care of our needs on a deeper level, giving us the means to become the best version of ourselves.

These are the 5 signs you have a spiritual relationship

  1. When you experience a spiritual bond with someone, you’ll certainly know it. You will feel comfortable and calm with that person as if you’ve known them for all your life. If you have that feeling of anxiety or urgency, this might only be physical attraction.
  2. You start approaching your circumstances with more confidence and optimism like there’s nothing that bothers you in-depth anymore. These are all signs that you are experiencing a deep spiritual connection with someone. Of course, we all have bad days, but there is something beyond that keeps you at peace—like a rock in the middle of a storm.
  3. You don’t try to control things and let things flow naturally because you know your relationship is heading in the right direction.
  4. A spiritual relationship is where you respect each other’s independence, and it encourages you to follow your dreams. You have meaningful conversations and feel complete, more than ever before, like you are exactly where you are supposed to be.
  5. Your love is unconditional and goes beyond whatever changes you both experience during your lives. You do things for them without questions or expectations, helping them in whatever they need and offering your support at all times.

So if a former relationship has failed, it has nothing to do with something you did wrong. And if you have the pleasure of having a spiritual connection, take care of it because it doesn’t come around every day.

What is the difference between soul connection and physical attraction?

Physical attraction is far more superficial than spiritual connection. If you have not taken the time to delve into the depths of your inner self, you will probably find your relationships to be more ephemeral or short-lived than others. 

When you don’t develop your spiritual connection, you become attracted to certain traits and physical aspects of other people, which, of course, are not lasting reasons to sustain a relationship. 

After a while, this attraction fade. Just like when you finish eating a delicious dessert, you are satisfied but don’t feel like eating another bite. 

Connecting spiritually with someone involves cutting through the noise and superficial aspects of everyday life, and opening your heart to a more intimate place. It means seeing beyond what the person shows publicly and getting to know those more vulnerable and authentic aspects of a their inner world.

This connection is more stable and solid than physical attraction. It is sustained over time and grows through whatever experiences you go through in your life. It also increases as you evolve, like a tree that grows stronger with each new branch that emerges from its trunk.

Can you be spiritually connected to someone you never met?

Our spirit is an infinite and timeless dimension that precedes and succeeds us. We are humans who are living this life experience from a particular time and grow through our circumstances.

However, hidden within us is our spiritual being, which is more mature and older than we can imagine. Therefore, the more we strengthen our spiritual connection, the more we train our limited consciousness to be in touch with this source of wisdom and knowledge.

By doing so, our intuition becomes sharper and we can recognize those other souls who are highly attuned to our own. That is why you don’t need to know someone to be spiritually connected to them for a long time. 

If you sense that gut feeling that you already know them, it’s probably because you already met in many past lives and your souls don’t need to start all over again to develop a deep connection.

Growing spiritually connected with someone

It is much easier to evolve and grow spiritually when you are in a deep relationship with the right person. If you want to meet someone mature, loyal, and connected strongly with their intuition, start by becoming that person yourself.

It is not always easy to change your habits and personality. It requires a lot of work and commitment to do so. That’s why people escape from it.

But this will only lead you to run in the opposite direction of your spiritual connection.

Practice daily meditation to enrich your life. Nurture your bond and spend quality time together.

We are so busy lately that we forget about taking care of the essentials like paying attention to our needs and the people we share our life with. When we carve out this space, the difference ripples out into the fabric of our lives bringing it back tenfold.