The Participants Were Delighted

Thank you for opening my eyes, mind and heart as an allopathic doctor. this is better than medical school by far!!! you are changing lives and saving live. a true blessing.


I have been watching many “summits” in the last few months […] This “summit” in particular has touched me to my core. I can’t thank you enough for all the time and the energy that I know has gone into putting this program together. […] This is what “health care” should be!


Absolutely fascinating! Wonderful to see and hear great new discoveries. Love to all & thank you for sharing with us. Im very honored to be here to see this amassing news.


I attend a lot of summits. The Heart Revolution is a step above. There are so many outstanding speakers and SO much fabulous, implementable information.


Enlightening and important stuff.


Just this one clip is prompting me to buy the series … the truth and wisdom is palpable.


Thank you from my heart to yours. It was so nice to listen to you and to learn there are still a few people in this world who are truly spiritual ( not fake spiritual) and still hold to the old ways!


Thank you for this wonderful summit ! it’s the best i’ve ever attend, all the speakers you’ve chosen where amazing, all my questions where answered , i learned so much, i hope and wish that every single person on this planet can listen and learn …


Your creation of a series for all that is important about our hearts is phenomenal in its content. Your summit is the quintessential swat team for saving our own lives, and I would rephrase your title in just this way – Saving your life through your heart.


Fourth phase water and the flow of blood (water) due to light … fascinating! Great presentation!


Laura Koniver, M.D. discussion on grounding was the best talk I’ve heard on any summit over the past year.


Dr. Thomas Cowan had a most impressive talk and explained that the heart is no longer thought of as a pump. Fantastic talk Dr. Cowan. You brought a lot of important knowledge to many.


The presenters and topics were fantastic in their diversity and knowledge. I learned and appreciated all that was provided. LOVED this program. Thank you to all involved!!


Thank you, Razi and Benedikt, for putting this wonderful program together. I really enjoyed the speakers I watched. May we move into this revolution! Namaste!

Rosane Silva

Excellent information that everyone should know – ESPECIALLY doctors! Thank you.


I just continue to be amazed at the High Quality of the Speakers and the relevant value of the content presented in this forum! Just cannot Thank You enough for the Heartfelt Love and Thoughtfulness of these presentations!


This wonderfully fact-filled interview needs to be spread around the world so people hear and get reminded of the healing potential of the earth. Thank you so much for this ! I HAD to purchase the Heart Revolution just because I loved what I heard on this talk 🙂 All the best to you and everyone being part of this Heart Revolution …


Thank you so much for this wonderful seminar. So inspiring and it touched my heart and renewed my goals to improve my health and widen my social connections. Thank you for doing the work that you do.


This was very eye-opening. Thank you! Radical is the right word. Helping others understand this this concept will take a lot of work. Thanks for this Summit.


I am feeling grief and I am feeling such joy simultaneously at this moment. She is understanding what I am feeling and explaining what is happening with me. Hearing all of this is a life changing experience for me. I feel so supported. I didn’t know this is possible. Thank you!!!!!!!!!