Everything is linked together.

Could a typhoon be caused by a butterfly beating its wings? Probably not, but a swarm of butterflies fluttering their wings in a spring meadow is a stunning sight that can provide humans with an indelible sense of connection to nature, the sun, and the earth.

Every butterfly, as well as every other living or non-living object we see, has a certain frequency or vibration, electromagnetic field, or bio-field. A butterfly has its own bio-field while flying around the grassland; the bio-fields of several butterflies flying together blend to give an observer of this natural phenomenon a more immersive experience. 

While taking in the natural beauty and wonderful feelings that come with integrating with nature, the observer may think of someone they love and care about with whom they would like to share this experience. Regardless of the distance or time difference, their caring thoughts and feelings will reach the recipient. Humans influence the sun and the earth, and humans influence themselves and each other—all as part of a continuous flow of causes and effects, some of which scientists have a better understanding of.

A study conducted in 1993 in Washington, DC, showed a 25% drop in the crime rate when 2500 people meditated over specific periods of time. This suggests that a small group of people are able to influence a larger group. Upon these findings, researchers question whether crime rates can be decreased, or whether a group of meditators can also social conflicts and wars. 

The Global Coherence Initiative 

The Global Coherence Initiative is a science-based, co-creative effort that aims to bring people together in heart-centered love and intention, facilitating the transition in global awareness from instability and strife to compassionate care, cooperation, and increased peace.

The Global Coherence Initiative (GCI) brings together a wide range of scientific data to reveal new connections between our health, human and animal behavior, and the sun’s and Earth’s magnetic activity. Scientists are beginning to grasp what is going on energetically.

On a deeper level, the revelations reveal how everything is energetically linked. We’re learning more about how the sun’s and Earth’s magnetic fields affect human health and behavior, and why it’s vital to know.


For decades, scientists have concluded that magnetic radiation from the Earth, the sun, and other planets affects human health and behavior. On a wider scale, it can trigger social instability and catastrophic global events. It’s still a question of speculation as to how this works. The study of this interconnection is still in its infancy, as it has not yet been fully accepted by the mainstream scientific community. 

The global coherence study employs an interdisciplinary approach that includes geo-sciences and astrophysics, as well as scientific information derived from human and animal studies of social and global events. The Global Coherence Initiative (GCI) collects statistics and information about the Earth’s magnetic field and how it interacts with human emotions and behaviors using the Global Coherence Monitoring System.

The monitoring system is on a mission.

The GCI’s scientific component, the Global Coherence Monitoring System (GCMS), detects changes in the geomagnetic field using cutting-edge detection technologies. In the end, the GCMS global network of magnetometers will have roughly a dozen sensor locations. The resonance frequencies in the Earth’s magnetic field are continuously monitored by these GCMS sensors. They keep track of changes in geomagnetic activity produced by solar storms, changes in solar wind speed, interruption of the Schumann resonance (SR), and large worldwide events with a strong emotional component (think 9/11, COVID outbreak).

The resonance frequencies of the Earth’s various magnetic fields directly overlap with those of the human brain (think of our brainwaves), the cardiovascular, and autonomic nervous systems, as well as other systems. Numerous physiological frequencies in people, as well as worldwide collective behavior, are synchronized with solar and geomagnetic activity, and perturbations on both sides can have negative consequences for human health and behavior. When the Earth’s magnetic field is disrupted, it can lead to sleeping troubles, mental confusion, abrupt exhaustion, and other health problems.

The main goal of the Global Coherence Monitoring System is to figure out how these various energy fields affect human physiological, mental, and emotional processes, as well as health and collective behavior. Researchers also expect to find patterns and links between changes in the Earth’s magnetic field and natural disasters like earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, as well as human events like social unrest and terrorist acts.

Human behavior is synchronized with solar and geomagnetic activity. 

The Global Coherence Initiative is gaining a greater understanding of how we are all interconnected on a deeper level, how we influence one another, and how we are affected by the magnetic fields generated by the sun and the Earth. Every cell in our body is surrounded by a fluctuating magnetic field that is both external and internal to it.

Human physiological rhythms and behaviors are synchronized with solar and geomagnetic activity, therefore changes in the magnetic fields of the Earth and the sun can affect practically every circuit in human and biological systems. Disruptions to this, logically, can have a negative impact on human health and behavior. Changes in geomagnetic activity and the Schumann resonance, in addition, appear to affect brain waves and neuro-hormonal responses. Because our brains are extremely sensitive electromagnetic organs, they will respond largely to electromagnetic waves.

Human heart rhythms, as well as variations in brain activity and nervous system activity, are affected by changes in the Earth’s magnetic field. As a result, the geomagnetic field’s influence can affect sports performance, memory, and other cognitive functions. The frequency of reported traffic violations and accidents, mortality from heart attacks and strokes, and the number of cases of depression and suicide are all changing, as is the synthesis of nutrients in plants and algae.

Frequencies ranging from 0.01 hertz to 300 hertz are generated by the Earth and ionosphere working together. Some of the frequencies are in tune with the Earth’s magnetic field, while others are in tune with the brain and autonomic nervous system. According to the experts, we may be more tied to the Earth’s field than we previously realized.

Many societies have thought that the energy of the universe has influenced their collective conduct from prehistoric times. This assumption has proven to be correct. The GCI research suggests that the solar cycle and the consequent changes in the Earth’s magnetic field are linked to increased violence, crime, social instability, revolutions, and the frequency of terrorist acts.

Have you considered achieving peace through coherence?

The Earth’s magnetic field connects all living systems. The knowledge gathered regarding magnetic fields and their impact on the environment, on the other hand, has been thoroughly confirmed. In laboratory research, the HeartMath Institute and the Global Coherence Initiative discovered that the electromagnetic field generated by a person’s heart may be detected by surrounding animals or people’s neurological systems.

The idea that when a person is in a state of cardiac coherence, the heart transmits a more coherent electromagnetic signal to the surroundings has also been confirmed by studies conducted in HeartMath’s lab. This research has also revealed that when we are in this coherent condition, we are more sensitive to detecting information in electromagnetic fields emitted by others. Consider how you might sense when someone is ill.