I take trips with people to Egypt and to India and to Bali and to South America, to Machu Picchu; I do all kinds of stuff to teach them how to do these practices in all these sacred sites of the world.

It’s super great. One of the things that we do that I notice when I’m in Bali and when I’m in India in particular, is that there are places in those countries where the streets are ignored. People are driving everywhere. Cows are walking through the streets. People are walking down the middle of the road. Chickens are crossing, goats, everything; it’s just chaos. The energy of our system is like chaos until we build this superhighway to let the energy actually become organized. When the energy becomes organized, now it has the power to start doing some healing things in our systems, the way it’s designed to be doing. Until it’s organized, it doesn’t have the power to do that. It’s just bouncing here and there, and it’s just not tethered. So, we have to get it quickened and anchored and running up and down this. We have to build a superhighway, and then we have to follow the rules of the road and stay on the road with our conscious attention, and all kinds of things start to change.

Apply ancient practices to modern living for more energy

It will change everything. It will change how we manage all those texts, and those emails, and the phone calls, and the kids, and the job, and both parents working, or the single parent trying to raise kids, or the relationship issues that plug us into all these triggers that just inflame us so quickly. All of that is soothed. When the energies become grounded and integrated, we become super functional, and yet things feel like they’re in slow motion. I do 10 times more things than I used to do when I was running a clinic with other doctors and managing staff, a team of people, and treating patients all day long every day. I do 10 times more than I was doing then, and I thought I was one of the busiest people that I knew then, and I’m more steady and more centered, and more relaxed, and more joyous in more types of situations than I’ve ever been in before.

It’s because of practicing these practices. I had a transformational experience in my life through meditation that lit me up in a way that proved to me, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that we are so much more than this mind trying to manage this body to get through this life. I woke up at this basic, fundamental, energetic level. I was an energy being, not this person in this body. Freaked me out. Didn’t equate to what I had learned through science, and what I’d been practicing with my methodologies, et cetera. Even though I was raised in a quantum science family, I had an experience that just rocked my world. So, I spent the next 10 years after that trying to figure out how to get back to that version of me, and these practices that I teach in my coursework are based on how I did reproduce that experience for myself, how I got into my body with that elevated experience.

The experience was like what people describe as near-death experiences or out-of-body experiences that are transcendental experiences that meditation seeks to teach people how to have. I just got onto it before I had any kind of practice to interpret it. It was just a coincidental thing; it was meant to be, and it changed my life. I have committed my life to teach people how to have that experience of themselves so that we’re not falsely identified as this rapidly moving defensive, a protective personality that is causing so much problem in our lives and in our society. There is an essential truth that is underneath all of that that I want people to tap into, not only to have access to it, but to ultimately realize that that is their true essential self; it’s who they really are. Underneath the protective personality or the ego, there is this true, authentic self that we should be able to live from easily with strength and power. That’s what the energy codes are about, is teaching people how to have that.

We are here as these energy beings having an energetic experience in a physical dimension, and the physical body has everything to do with that. The way I see it is that the physical body is what translates between the mind and the essential self, or the spirit, in the core of our being. The body is the translator between the two. So, when you have a knot in your stomach, there’s a reason for that. It is this soulful, authentic self, trying to tell the mind, “Hey, this situation is not in alignment for you. This is not what you need to be doing, and this other situation is what you should be doing.” Yet the mind is so busy looking to the outer world for evidence of what it should be doing, it misses the message that the body is trying to tell it. What I’m teaching people in the energy codes to do is to use the body to tell the mind what we’re supposed to be learning next, and to awaken to our own true, authentic self and our true, authentic power.