Body meets soul meets mind

The body has everything to do with how we get to know ourselves, the self that those meditation practices or those religious experiences that tell us it’s not about the body are trying to get us to understand. What they’re trying to get us to understand is true, but we have to bring the body into the mix if we’re ever going to let that be true for us here in this world, paying our bills, and driving our cars, and tending to our children, and making sure that our health is in order. So it’s all important.

“We think we can just think our way through, and we know more and more, but about less and less.” 

We’ve become so specialized. My exposure to this was through healthcare and through medical practices. For instance, that’s an easy thing for us to relate to. We have so many specialists in medicine that no one’s really paying attention to the whole person, and sometimes, we even have to hire a steward, someone to interpret from this doctor, to this doctor, to this doctor,to help some kind of integrative approach happen so that the whole person is being evaluated. That’s just an example of what I’m talking about. We know a specialist knows everything about this system, but not as much about this system. This specialist knows a lot about this system, but not so much paying attention to that. A particular medicine might be focused on this system, but it happens to have these negative side effects on this other system, unfortunately.

So, that’s it. It’s not just in healthcare, but it’s very important in healthcare. It’s important in everything. There are attorneys that are specialized in this and that, and there are teachings that are specialized here and there, and it has a tendency to get that we know a lot about this tiny little world instead of knowing a lot about this whole big picture. We are whole beings, and so, we can’t lose sight of how every system has to interweave with every other system and how it’s the whole person that has to be treated if healing is ever truly going to happen. 

flowers growing from the heart

Is love always enough?

What we’re talking about is energy is the integration. It’s the thing that everything has in common. We were talking earlier about the molecules, and the atoms, and tiny particles, and how that applies in our conversation is that, no matter if it’s a heart cell or a lung cell, no matter if it is a brain cell or a liver cell or a kidney cell, the thing that they have in common is this energy that when the cells break down into the molecules, into the atoms, into the teeniest tiniest particles, the foundation underneath it all is this topic of energy, the energy system. So, if we can make the energy system become more robust and alive and moving and have our mind’s attention on it, it will grow and thicken in its vital role in our lives.

It will play an integrative role in healing. Interestingly, what I love about this project that you’re doing is that the heart’s role in the whole picture is the unifier. The heart brings things together. It has a magnifying quality like the mother of the family or the grandmother of the family; it’s the love of the family. It’s like the hearth room. It’s like the kitchen. It’s the love. It brings people together. Love brings people together. The mind’s job is to make distinctions of things, to separate things, to determine this versus this versus this. We’ve become identified in the mind so much that we’re making separations and making compartments about life, and we’re not to be compartmentalized. We are magnetic. We are electromagnetic beings. This energy is electromagnetic. The mind operates like electricity; the heart operates like a magnet. They have to come together if we want to be whole and integrative and healing.

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So, the heart has to play a role in our healing, but love alone is not enough if we’re not in our bodies, and in our power, and in our awareness that we are destined to be able to master this electromagnetic energy system in a way that fuels the passion of our lives and expresses the beauty of our beings. Because when we’re tapped in that way, healing can’t not happen. It happens as a by-product of our expression of our own magnificence. That is the bottom line. That is more important than anything else, that we come here, we live this life, and we express ourselves, our deep, authentic, heartfelt truth. We let that be enough, and we let the mind steward that. Einstein said the most brilliant thing we could ever do is use the mind to steward the heart, and then he said, the problem with our culture is that we honor the mind instead of the heart, and the mind is supposed to be honoring the heart.

So, we’ve created a culture that is paying attention to the wrong thing. We get to turn it inside out again. It’s about what we’re talking about. It’s about not accessing their authenticity, allowing the heart’s true code to pass through the body, to feed, to fuel, to allow wisdom and caring and presence to flood our systems, and to guide our decisions, and to just let that flat out be enough. We’ve created competitiveness to a crazy degree. We are marketing-oriented. We are externalized with our power. We are letting the world control us, and it’s just crazy-making, and that’s not where healing happens. The beauty is, we have what it takes. We do possess everything that we need for healing to happen.