Not being able to meditate… Many people have that as an issue. The nature of that particular meditation that I was leading when we met was to give the mind something to do that is more productive than what it normally does by chewing on all kinds of thoughts and to-do lists and analyzing circumstances and situations, and trying to figure out what I should do next, or if I’m doing this thing right, and all that stuff that the busy mind does. We give it something more productive to do and just walk it down into this deep, deep state of presence. The reason for that is that that is where true healing happens. That’s it. We have to be in that deep state of loving presence for healing to actually happen on any level, whether it’s physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, all of it, healing happens when all those parts of us come together very differently than how our culture is used to thinking about: taking something to get better or having a procedure done to fix something.

At the end of the day, what really allows for healing to happen is that the heart has the mind’s attention and that the two start working together in a way that they haven’t been able to before. That starts to turn on neurocircuitry and allow the epigenetics and all of the fabulous things that science is revealing to us to animate inside of our own system instead of just being theories in books and medical journals.

We are living in an energetic renaissance

It’s oftentimes misinterpreted that we’re talking about having more energy to get through the afternoon without having to have some pick-me-up. When things start to fail, although that is a natural by-product of working with energy, the way I’m going to talk about it is that we have more vital force and kinetic energy to get through life. I have 10 times more energy than I had 10 years ago, just because of doing the work that I’m sharing with you. I want to make a distinction about energy with this analogy; actually, it’s a fact that everything is made of energy. That’s the only thing that exists in all of creation, and physical matter, like a pen or a chair that you’re sitting on right now, that is energy just vibrating at a different frequency.

The water that we would drink is another vibrational frequency. The thoughts that you think are also energies. They’re just a different frequency. Our thoughts are even different frequencies than our emotions. Everything is energy, and energy is in different states. The different states of energy are important when it comes to our physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing because we’re designed to be vibrating at a certain vibrational frequency energetically. What we do so often is create a different vibrational frequency because of the thoughts that we think or the beliefs that we hold. The subconscious thoughts that are kind of running underneath the surface of unworthiness, or undeservedness, or inadequacy, or insufficiency, or suppressed anger, or fear, those emotional states are all shifting the vibrational frequency of our overall system. They’re lowering and lowering and lowering it when we hold on to grudges or we operate from a place of lack, et cetera.

What we’re wanting to do is learn how to raise our own energetic vibrational resonance; where do we vibrate? We can do so by the foods that we eat, the thoughts that we think, whether or not we exercise, the kind of exercise that we do, how much sleep we get, our inter-relational dynamics, how we exchange with other people, all those things affect the vibrational resonance of our system. Interestingly, energy runs through the body in a particular pattern. It runs through the body from above the head, down through the body, down into the earth. The earth steps it down to a human consumption vibrational radio station. Then, it rises up through us, and comes up through the body, and rises out through the head, and comes around the outside of the body, back inside of the tailbone at the base of the spine, and just keeps recycling and recycling.

The thoughts that we think have an effect on that and make it wobble, make it have distortions, or make it steady and clear and crisp and strong. The main point to remember is that energy, the way that it flows like that, is constantly revitalizing the body, replenishing it, rejuvenating it, et cetera. If we carry around thoughts of insufficiency, or inadequacy, or grudges, or angers, or untapped fears, et cetera, it creates a bog in that flow, and the energy stops flowing. Then we end up with sinus issues, or migraine headaches, or digestive problems, or joint pain, or fibromyalgia, or whatever the case may be on a physical level. We also end up with anxieties and depressions, et cetera. It all has to do with whether or not this energy is cycling through the body, or whether it’s gotten locked up in some way or another. We’re interested in getting the energy moving through the body.

Getting to know our energetic blueprint

Right. Acupuncture and acupressure have been using this concept of energy flow and releasing energy blockages for thousands of years. It’s just, in our culture, our focus hasn’t really been on that, but on the other side of the planet, in the Eastern culture, it’s all about that. They start with the basic fundamental energy flow, and making sure that’s happening properly, and then it creates balances in the chemistries and balances in the cardiovascular flow, and in circulation. 

Here’s another way of thinking about this. When we are developing in the womb, there is an energetic intelligence, a template of energy, that determines the specific development of the developing embryo. It’s what puts two eyes, and one nose, and the mouth. This whole thing, the same with everybody, it’s an energetic template. This electromagnetic energy is what actually builds the nervous system, and builds the cardiovascular system, and builds the organs and the glands that create the chemicals that flow through the endocrine system, and the immune system, and the organs and systems that digest, and the respiratory system. This energy flow builds everything else. It’s an intelligent, innate presence that is tremendously significant when it comes to us being able to manage our own wellbeing. When we get to know that system, then we’re really in a more masterful place in life. It’s just that you can’t dissect the body and find it, so we haven’t put so much attention on it historically in our culture.

Energy is at the core of all empty spaces

If you take a cell and then you dissect the cell into the molecules, you get down to the molecular level, and then you dissect the molecule, and you get into the atomic level, the atoms that make up the molecules, and then when they invented the electron microscope where we could see subatomic particles, we realized that, “Wow, even the atoms are made up of things.” We get into those teeny tiny particles, and when we look inside of those, there’s nothing there. It’s just empty space, but what’s inside that empty space is this energy that we’re talking about, and that energy is what’s holding the background for everything; it’s just compressing. Physical matter is just compressed energy. That’s what makes up physical atoms. It’s that they compress energy. The subatomic particles are compressed energy, and so if you compress enough of that, we end up with something material that we can pick up and that we can say, “That’s a thing.”

That’s something, but it’s really a much more dense version of what is here and what is available. When people meditate and they come into contact with the breath in the body and they start to suspend the mind so it’s not thinking so much, we can start to perceive, “Wow, there’s this presence here.” Sometimes people have felt that presence if they’re not meditators, but they’ve been in love. When they fall in love, there’s such an accentuation. We’re so crazed about this person, or this new newborn, or whatever it might be, that we stop thinking. We’re just like, “Blink, blink.” We’re just there. When we’re in that state, we’re actually coming into closer contact with this kind of energy that is this loving presence that’s really the backdrop behind everything living; everything living has that as its backdrop.

Most people have been in contact with something in the neighborhood of what I’m talking about, and they’ve also experienced it at the other end of the spectrum. If you’ve ever had a thought that gave you a knot in your stomach, or a lump in your throat, or a shrill went up your spine, or you felt the hair stand up off the skin, that’s another experience of this energy. Another experience of this energy is if you’ve ever been sitting at the computer or reading or writing something, and you’re sitting alone in a room at a desk, and all of a sudden, you feel like someone has walked into your space, and you look up, and someone’s coming into the room and wants to say something to you. They penetrated this energy field before you actually heard them on a more dense, physical level.

You could sense them; you could feel it. Just one last example: if you’ve ever been walking down a path in the park, talking to a friend, you’re walking this way, but you’re looking this way, talking. Then, as a tree branch almost pokes you in the eye, you turn; you kind of don’t even see it, but you move before it pokes you. The reason you sensed that was because the tree branch penetrated this energy field that surrounds the physical body, and that energy field that surrounds the physical body also goes all the way through the physical body, and that’s what we’re talking about. We can become consciously able to manage that energy, and that has a tremendous effect on our health when we learn to do that.

That’s the innate intelligence that is running the body. The spiritual community would talk about it as the spirit form in the body, and that when we transition out of this life, that intelligent energy leaves the body and goes on to another experience. So here we have this body that doesn’t have that energy vital force in it, and we call it a corpse, but it’s the distinction that we’re making. It’s like there’s some part of you that is present and it’s the healer within. It’s the knower. It’s that deep wisdom that rises up to your awareness when you don’t have the intellectual answer, but you just have this sense of knowing what you’re supposed to do next. Logic might take you in one direction, but you feel drawn to go in this other direction. That’s another version of this same energetic presence. You break a bone, it heals; you cut yourself, it heals. Deep wisdom, hunch, gut feeling, intuition; those are different radio stations of this same energy frequency. One’s country and western. One’s symphony. One’s classical jazz. One is the cardiovascular system. One is this energy flow. It’s all just slightly different versions of this bandwidth of energy.

Breathe life into the body’s wisdom

When the heart and the mind come together…we have to think about it this way: The mind is a magnifier; whatever we put our attention on magnifies. If we put our attention on what we don’t like, it seems to magnify. If we put our attention on loving presence, it magnifies. If we put our attention on some problem, the problem gets bigger. If we put our attention on the solution, the solution gets bigger. That’s the power of the mind. It’s like a big magnifying glass. What the heart brings to the recipe is that the vibrational frequency of the heart is coherent with nature. It’s the same radio station as the trees and the rivers and the oceans and the mountains and the animal kingdom and the elements; it’s the same. So the mind is what dials us in or out of a particular focus.

When the mind is focused on the heart, it dials us into this vibrational frequency that is a support of all of nature. So, we relax. We feel like we belong. We feel abundant because we’re dialed into this frequency of abundance, of everything. So the energies underneath the heart, literally in the physical body below the heart, are things like the solar plexus, which is right where, if I punched you in the stomach, below where your ribs splay apart; it would knock the wind out of you. That’s the area of the body that is representing our personal power and our self-esteem. It also is related to the mind: a direct relationship to the mind, the mental body of energies. When we are breathing below the heart, we’re opening and squeezing and releasing, and opening and squeezing and releasing, and breathing life into our personal power and our self-esteem.

If we’re never breathing down there, we’re only ever breathing up here in our upper lobes of our lungs, we’re activating the part of the nervous system that causes us to engage in fight or flight. The fear response is in the upper lobes of the lungs because the nerve impulses that are. There are nerve impulses that stimulate the defense response in us. If a bear is chasing us, we start breathing like this, and we start taking off running, and that’s to get us to safety. When we realize the bear has gone and has been gone long enough for us to be convinced that we’re safe, we then start to engage our belly in our deep, deep breath at the base of the lungs. The nerve endings at the base of the lungs activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which is that part of us that calms us down, and increases healing, and activates our creativity, and all kinds of filtering and cleansing and rejuvenating the body, et cetera.

We have to learn to breathe in the belly, belly breathing instead of chest breathing if we want to start to shift this energy flow. Because the energy will never flow in our body in a congruent way as long as our subconscious thinks that a bear is chasing us. The energy floods away from the internal organs, and away from the immune system, and away from the digestive system, and into the arms and legs so that we can fight the bear or run from the bear. We have to breathe in the belly. Below that area is the area that’s considered “the wisdom center.” It’s below the navel. That wisdom center, if we squeeze and release it and squeeze and release it with breathing, we start to breathe some life into that area. We are going down into that area of the body with our awareness, and that’s what anchors us and seats us in this place.

Wisdom can come alive, and we can slow the mind down enough to catch that wisdom and speak it into existence and make our decisions based upon that. That’s what happens in meditation, but if somebody has a hard time meditating, then they never get to access that part of themselves in a consistent manner. The practices that I teach people are how we can get that awake in ways that are easier than traditional meditating, and, and as we incrementally step in that direction, then meditation comes more easily after the fact. That’s what you experienced the other day when we were at that conference together. You tapped into that deep wisdom presence, and a by-product of that is we just start crying. It’s like, “Oh, my God.” It’s like, “I came home. I didn’t even know I wasn’t here, but oh, my God; it felt so good.” It’s just a beautiful experience.

Awakening to energy codes and quantum healing

Energy codes are codified ways of working with what I’ve just been describing so that we can have specific outcomes. If I’m breathing in a certain way with my mind’s attention in a certain place in the body together at a certain time, and if I’m activating some of the tissues in the body at the same time too, then what happens is I start to ignite some flow of energy through my body that wasn’t flowing before. We can use the different codes for healing, different codes for anchoring our mind, for anxiety, or for depression, or for digestive issues, or for allergies and asthmas, or for difficulty in sleeping, et cetera. I’m currently writing a book about all of this and putting it together in a fashion that will be coming out next year. 

I’m very excited about it. It will be a user’s manual for these kinds of things that we’re talking about. it is through this codified way of working with these systems in the body that we can start to self-heal, and that we can start to take a hold of our ability as people to empower ourselves on every level of life, whether it’s physically, or mentally, or emotionally, or feeling more spiritually connected in the world, et cetera. 

If it’s ever really healing, it’s happening inside of you. There are things you can do inside of you to facilitate that process, and our culture is pretty much regularly pulling us out of that and into a dependency on something in the outer world to fix something that’s actually generating from our inner world. We have heart problems because the cells of the heart not working. We have lung problems because the cells of the lungs not working. We have immune system issues because of the cells in the body that are not producing the chemistries at the right time to keep our immunity up and running, et cetera. We live and die at the cellular level, and that’s inside this body, in here. What science is revealing to us is that we have the ability to do something about that. What quantum science is teaching us that what we think and focus on, and what we believe, and how we manage our energy, determines our ability to heal. It determines our entire reality. It determines if we believe that we can manifest the things in our lives that we want or not. All of it is determined by what quantum science is showing us: our free will, our choice, our consciousness.

When pills have all these side effects that then require other pills to take care of those side effects that then require other procedures to compensate for all of that. I have never had a prescription drug. I’ve never gone to the doctor and taken an antibiotic for some ailment. It’s not in my reality. I was raised in an environment where natural health care was the thing. My father was a chiropractor, and he got involved in researching and was a pioneer of energy medicine, which is now something that’s talked about on Dr. Oz as the medicine of the future. And I’m saying, “It’s the medicine of my lifetime.” It’s not the future; it’s been here. It’s just a matter of people becoming aware of it.