Until now, the natural sciences and humanities have seen themselves as competitors, with natural science being the clear winner in recent centuries. Today, the humanities imitate the natural sciences. A rational “exact method” should be used to measure human phenomena. In the beginning, religion ruled. It was replaced by rationality. Today the possibilities exists that humanities and natural sciences will join hands and form a new form of co-creation together.

Enlightenment and Religion: From the Religious Taboo of Dissection to Genetic Manipulation

Today we face a lot of negative ramifications from mankind’s drive for research and change: Nuclear weapons, genetic manipulation, RFID-chipping, digital surveillance, etc. In the Middle Ages, however, it was the opposite: religious dogma. This meant that nothing was allowed to be questioned and everything was to be believed. The body was not allowed to be dissected. Touching the body and questioning the “God-given” order was considered taboo and sinful. One was supposed to believe the given knowledge, but not know.

Religion is obsolete for enlightenment and science. This is a re-evaluation of all values.

The Age of Enlightenment challenged this. Due to the triumph of the enlightenment, transcendence, the immaterial, has been dismissed as an illusion. Because it cannot be seen and touched, measured and weighed, it is not real—so the basic theory. One can understand this as a revenge of science against religion. It was the old religion that was convinced that the material world is sinful or an illusion, and that visible things can tell us nothing about the truth. The kingdom of truth and eternal life was thought to be in the afterlife, far from the earthly vale of tears, where the conditions of space and time led to poverty, fear, disease, pain and death. Material, physical life was considered inferior.

With the advent of the natural sciences and the Age of Enlightenment, this affront to the material world changed completely. For the Age of Enlightenment and science, religion is obsolete. This is a re-evaluation of all values. The highest and holiest, the belief in God, became the lowest and most ridiculous. In turn, that which was previously reviled and despised, the earthly, became the highest and most respected. The triumph of the capitalist economy and the material prosperity resulting from it belong to this development, as well as the technology and research of the human body from general medicine to genetic engineering.

Quantum physics experiment suggest that matter lives!

Quantum physics shows, just the observation by the experimenter is enough that the subatomic object under observation changes. This leads to the conclusion that immaterial phenomena like the observing consciousness of the researcher are effective according to physical criteria and therefore also real.

With the help of quantum physics it can be shown that mass is only 0.000000001 percent in terms of quantity (Warnke 2015, p. 60). Hans-Peter Dürr formulates it in the provocative sentence: “There is no matter!” (Dürr 2013). Despite this fact, large parts of the population and the scientific community hold on to the materialistic worldview, claiming to be rational. This is a belief, too, because the spiritual existence has already been proved! Precisely how it looks now and is constituted is the crucial question, which makes a philosophical investigation necessary.

A general introduction to quantum physics is found here.

The material world is consequently an unfoldment of the potentialities.

The double-slit experiment (see info box), for example, states that waves and particles exist simultaneously and multi-dimensionally. “Objects” do not exist as fixed quantities, but as options and possibilities, because matter is only a small percentage in relation to the 99.9999999 percent of possibilities.

The relationship between spirit and matter

The embodied living being is neither wave nor particle, but standing wave (cf. Wagner 2001). Our spiritual essence is the eternal flow, but the material world forms a resistance against which the eternal flow breaks into a wave, just as a reed standing in flowing water creates a standing wave. Although the spiritual essence continues to flow, the form remains as seemingly solid.

Only when something has been decided, does it become fixed, before that there are non-manifest possibilities.

This is what we see when we see a living form. Solid matter is only a tiny fraction of the total energy present. A sufficiently small object penetrates our body as if it were a space. However, when two bodies of equal density and size meet, they experience each other as sufficiently solid to perceive themselves as bodies, as can be the case with the encounter of two human bodies in the most pleasant way. However, if an object of much higher density meets an object of lower density, sensory perceptions of hardness or softness will occur, as is the case, for example, when our body touches a knife or a soft bed. These perceptions are relative.

The creation of the world through thoughts and feelings in the socio-cultural space

In the New Age scene there is a widespread claim that our thoughts create our reality. That we could manifest all our desires by a mere thought. Is this true or what findings can be found in quantum physics?

Warnke (2015, p. 155) writes this:
»We’re about to crash.” Thinking such a thought during a moment of fright in an airplane would have an enormous effect. If it were that simple, the human species would certainly not have survived. And in fact, nature is wise enough to consider the following four points when shifting reality:
Which four points contribute to the creation of reality? You can read about it in the full article. Unfortunately, we cannot publish it free of charge here. But with a contribution of only 2,00 € you can support us!

Does this mean that we do not need quantum physics at all? No. Rather, quantum physics in combination with spiritual science helps us to explain spiritual phenomena even better. Clairvoyance, telepathy or spiritual healing are now no longer just crazy notions, but with the help of quantum physics now make much more sense, and are even a logical consequence. Instead of pitting the natural sciences against the humanities and fighting for supremacy in the scientific hierarchy, they can serve the greater good and mankind together

Furthermore, the findings of quantum physics show that the classical feminine-qualitative methods of spiritual science are of great importance. One cannot measure people quantitatively, but only understand them qualitatively. Today, classical hermeneutics has fallen into disrepute even in the humanities and social sciences, because under the doctrine of mechanical physics, mechanistic models are supposed to hold: the measurement of people by means of empirical statistics. The subject has been reduced to an inanimate object in the humanities and social sciences as well. (…)