Information surrounding psychic abilities has been kept hidden over past centuries. Some might credit this to protecting sacred information while others might subscribe to the idea that the psychic phenomenon is all a ploy of deception. Regardless, this has created a distorted view surrounding the credibility of a gift we can all tap into. Not only is the modern world riddled with infinite streams of external stimuli, but many have been conditioned to believe the human experience is nothing more than the three-dimensional playground. 

As we continue to usher in a new wave of interacting with ourselves and the world around us, the more we create a ripple effect in bringing forgotten truths back to life the more we can experience it to the depths. Each of us possesses natural skills and psychic abilities that can guide us to connect with the center of the most subtle energies. While its secrecy has made it very mysterious that doesn’t mean it cannot be made easily accessible.

7 Psychic Abilities

The history and accessibility of psychic abilities stretch beyond the old mystic who dwells beyond the cave. In fact, numerous CIA experiments have proven the qualities humans possess to harness extrasensory perception. There are countless cheat codes to creating the reality of your dreams in this life.

Understanding how to work within the psychic realm can be rewarding in itself as you tap into different methods to take in and communicate with universal forces. If you’re curious whether or not you are psychic, the answer lies in the heart of your wonder. As you’ll read below, extrasensory perception is not limited to psychic booths and wizardry. Instead, the psychic world exists all around and within us. All it asks for is for you to tune in. 

The 7 Types of Psychic Abilities

Being psychic isn’t constricted to receiving visions of future outcomes. It can be quite cinematic and symbolic the more you listen. Perhaps you receive messages through vivid dreams or during mediation. Other times, you might just have a gut instinct about something that speaks to your sixth sense. Since there is no right or wrong way to tap into your psychic abilities, the ways in which you choose to embark on your psychic development can feel like opening fun and new worlds. On the same token, it can also feel confusing as the rest of the world is still waking up to the possibilities our humanity has yet to achieve. I hope these descriptions help point out where some of your gifts reside and I also invite you to surround yourself with those you feel safe in your fullest expression while exploring your psychic abilities. 


One of the more well-known amongst physic abilities is clairvoyance which translates “clear seeing.” It is the ability to see through the filters of the mundane or illusory veil. Think auras, inner visions, and vivid dreams. Those who possess clairvoyant skills can work with energy to gather deeper insights surrounding a question or event. For example, dreams might carry potent symbols to shed wisdom on an upcoming or previous experience. The pineal gland, also known as the third eye, is activated and can receive these messages from spirit. However, it is essential to cultivate this ability to deeply understand what it tells you. Interpretive perception is critical here.

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Meaning “clear hearing,” clairaudience is also another popular type of psychic ability. For example, the ringing of the ears can signify psychic communication. Another sign of possessing a solid clairaudient ability is talking to oneself. You may be channeling energetic spirits who have messages to share. Perhaps you might have even had an imaginary friend when you were younger. This gift can be strengthened and cultivated. However, it must also be approached with reverence and respect. 

7 Psychic Abilities


While empathy has become a buzzword over the past few years, it is something we all possess. The ability to feel, or empathize, what another being is feeling comes naturally to most humans. Clairempathy is the ability to notice these feelings without sensual cues. Some examples include being able to sense the emotional energy of an object that once belonged to some. Perhaps you might touch an object and feel the history within its compartments. This is a unique gift that can help others understand loved ones who might have passed. 


If you’ve ever had an unmistakable gut feeling without an explanation, this is clairsentience. It often occurs in individuals who can sense hunches and intuitive messages no matter their distance or location. This ability allows someone to feel energy from someone who might be miles and miles away. 

7 Psychic Abilities


Another strong yet less popular ability is to communicate and receive messages from the spirit world through smell. For example, smelling a cigarette or a specific perfume can be a sign of communication. It is also said that dogs possess clairalience due to their ability to detect certain illnesses before they manifest, like cancer. 


Another heightened sense is clairgustance which means clear taste can be experienced regardless of whether or not you have actually put something in your mouth. For me, I’ll get a random taste in my mouth that is directly linked to my childhood. It’ll often come unexpected, guiding me to take a step back and listen. 


Clairtangency, also known as psychometry, is when individuals can receive messages by holding an object in their hand. They are in tune with the energy and memory stored within a piece of clothing or material. Everything carries a vibration, and when clairtangency is fully harnessed, one can feel into the messages. For example, some people find it difficult to sleep in a hotel room due to their heightened sensitivity. Another example can be through wisdom channels in nature such as the messages of the trees and the ground. Just as the other psychic abilities, clairtangency can be developed.  

As energetic beings, we possess more than one of these psychic abilities that can allow us to peer deeper into our intuitive gifts. While mainstream forces discredit extrasensory perception, science is beginning to catch up.

7 Psychic Abilities

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What is the role of your heart in developing your psychic abilities?

The Heart Revolution is an exploration of life and being human based on the question “Why do we have a heart?”, or less poetically and more technically “What is the function of the human heart?”

From our research and experience we know that the blossoming of your psychic skills comes naturally as you take care of ever deeper healing your heart, that is your emotional wounds.

Just as there is no need for meditation to find inner peace or reach ‘higher’ states of consciousness, there is no need to do any spiritual practices to activate your psychic abilities. As you become your natural, organic, beautiful self and align your heart with mother Earth, your abilities will blossom, just as every plant will blossom when it is their time in spring. And, it doesn’t mean that we all have the same spiritual gifts and talents. Just because we all have 10 fingers and many learn how to navigate them to play piano doesn’t mean that we will all become Mozarts.

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