Grace is a super important topic that is, of course, central to Christianity, and which in my experience is less discussed among spiritual seekers who are exploring Eastern traditions and who are often times more in touch with Karma than with its counterpart, Grace.

Grace As The Western Way Of Transcending Karma

Grace is the only force I am aware of other than Compassion that is strong enough to transform and transcend karma. Grace is when we get something better than we deserve. It is when a powerful teacher, healer, family member or friend transforms our karma for us, “forgives our sins” for us. And, it is also when we make a life-affirming choice for our self that is outside of the realm of possibilities for us based on our imprinted karmic patterns, and in making that choice we spontaneously transcend and transform our karma, spontaneously jump to a different timeline, an alternate reality where our long-held karma in a particular area of our life has much less or sometimes no influence over us and the circumstances of our life anymore. Grace is when our free will in the present is more powerful than the cumulative force of all of our past decisions and actions in this lifetime and in every other lifetime, i.e., when our free will is more powerful than our karma.

Grace is the great counterweight to the Law of Karma; it is when this ever-present rule is bent, or momentarily forgotten, as if Newton’s Laws and the force of gravity are temporarily suspended for our benefit.

Grace is the fact that progress and positive evolution are built into the fabric of life, that all of life – willingly or unwillingly, knowingly or unknowingly – is on the path towards the bliss of full enlightenment. It is Grace that we learn from our mistakes, that we adapt in response to feeling the painful negative feedback from our past thoughts, words and actions that were not in alignment with our Highest Self, and in so doing we take another step towards fully embodying our Highest Self, our Future Fully Enlightened Self, in each and every moment.

women surrounded by red flowers
Pandora (1914) by Odilon Redon. Original from The MET museum. Digitally enhanced by rawpixel.

Eastern Karma Or Western Grace?

Grace is when our karmic equations don’t balance, and as such it sits at the center of a great paradox. Is the universe governed by Karma or Grace? Are the Eastern karma-focused religions correct, or is Christianity, the most prominent grace-based religion correct? Of course, the answer is that they are both correct. More than one thing can be true. One of the great promises of modern spirituality and the global exchange of ideas occurring today is that we can move from embracing partial truth to knowing and living into Full Truth – in this case, experiencing the benefits of embracing a spiritual paradigm that has room for both Karma and Grace, self-responsibility and forgiveness.

flower vase with red flowers
Large Vase with Flowers (1912) by Odilon Redon. Original from the National Gallery of Art. Digitally enhanced by rawpixel.


Edward Mannix is the founder of The LightWorker Accelerator and The Compassion Key®, a simple yet powerful system for healing the inner child, dissolving karmic distortions and spontaneously bringing our heart and soul’s deepest desires into form.

His work has touched many thousands of lives around the world and often leads to miracles in people’s financial lives, relationships, emotional well-being, careers, physical health, spiritual lives, purpose alignment and more.

Several years ago, LightWorkers from around the world began gravitating towards Edward, and he soon realized he was being called to support LightWorkers in clearing “The Persecution Imprint” and the other most common, difficult to dissolve blocks that keep these beautiful souls from shining their lights more brightly, amplifying their field of miracles, and receiving increasingly accurate levels of financial abundance as they surrender more deeply to their Highest Self and more fully tap into and express their unique gifts. Soon after, The LightWorker Accelerator was born.

Prior to becoming a spiritual teacher and facilitator, Edward worked in the private sector in management consulting, venture capital and social entrepreneurship where he was a pioneer in green banking in the U.S. and invented the carbon neutral mortgage. He earned an M.B.A. from Columbia University where he studied Sustainability and Social Enterprise, an M.A. from The School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) at Johns Hopkins University, and a B.A. in Psychology and Economics from Indiana University. He is the author of two books, Reinventing Truth and Impossible Compassion.

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An incredible collection of paintings from the French symbolist and post-impressionist painter, Odilon Redon (1840–1916). Redon was passionate about art from a young age. Following his fathers wishes he took up architecture, but after failing exams he continued with his love of drawing. His interest in Hindu and Buddhist religion blended with a passion for Japonism influenced the astounding drawings we see today.