The third eye chakra, or ajna chakra, is a bit of a misnomer as it is not only connected to the place within our etheric body known as the third eye, it is the chakra that encompasses our entire head, our mind, and our belief system.

The sixth chakra lies at the center of your head and is associated with the brain, pineal gland and pituitary gland, your physical eyes and optical nerve, forehead, temples, sinuses, and all your “sixth” senses, or intuitive abilities.

Spiritually and energetically, the third eye chakra is all about our beliefs and perceptions of the world as seen through the lens of our mind’s eye.

Your mind is not encompassed within your physical brain or in your skull. It is big and wide, both inside and outside of your body, communicating with other minds, beings and energetic planes all the time.

And the sixth chakra is the seat of your connection to the universal consciousness. It’s your individuation of all that can be perceived and where you can communicate with your inner wisdom and access spiritual awareness.

The sixth chakra is really our inner eye, where all our thoughts and feelings are perceived. It’s home to our rationality, reason, unconscious and subconscious beliefs, our patterns and cycles, self-talk, inner voice, and personal perspective.

It’s where we experience awareness of ourselves and where we can plug into our higher consciousness and inner knowing, when we have clear third eye vision.

To know your spirit self beyond your physical body, to heal the roots of the tangled web of your mind, to break out of negative self-talk and limited belief systems that are holding you back from expressing your authentic truth, the sixth chakra is where you want to place your attention. 

It’s also where we become programmed, conditioned, mind-controlled, and are plugged into the “matrix” so to speak. It’s where energies and entities beyond our physical perceptions can reach into our energy field. This most often happens on a subconscious level, imperceptible to our conscious awareness, happening through thought-forms. 

This is why it’s vitally important to take the power of your sixth chakra back by using your conscious awareness to shine the light on all the subconscious gunk that is keeping you stuck in a life that is not authentic to your soul. 

The third eye chakra is home to what you know, to wisdom beyond your physical senses, to the insight of your intuition. It’s where you can connect with other realms, float around in astral planes, explore your dreamscapes, and communicate with the unseen world, including deep within yourself.

With a clear and balanced sixth chakra, you can bring clarity and balance into every area of your life.

How do you know if your third eye is blocked?

A blocked third eye chakra can feel like a foggy and unclear mind. It can feel like dogmatic belief systems that keep you stuck in old patterns and ways of being.

Often the blocks you’ll find in this chakra are those underlying subconscious thoughts that seem to be undermining your good intentions and goals for change.

When your sixth chakra is blocked or constricted, you can experience a lack of belief in yourself and lots of judgment towards yourself and others.

It may be hard to change your mind, you can feel stuck in your head.

You might be overly skeptical and quick to disbelieve anything that you can’t see with your own two eyes.

You don’t have a clear connection to your intuition and may feel unclear about what you want, what you need, or which direction you want your life to go in.

What happens when you open your third eye?

Contrary to popular belief in new age circles, you don’t want a wide-open third eye chakra.

Just like all the chakras in our astral body, or emotional body, you want to strive for a balance between too open and too closed.

When the sixth chakra is very open, it’s then open to the reception of all the other thoughts, ideas, opinions, and beliefs of all the other people you’re interacting with through your energy field, whether that’s through a screen or in real life.

Think of your third eye chakra like a great big satellite dish that can receive all the information from all the different stations all at once, but then it’s your job to tune into which station you want to hear at a specific time. 

When you can tune your dial to a certain station, like the “I’m going to focus on what I’m doing right now” station, for instance, that third eye chakra needs to be able to close down, to hone in, to center its attention on the task at hand.

If it’s too wide open, you’re going to be open to all the other thoughts swirling around in that big ol’ field called MIND and find it very hard to focus.

That’s when you’re trying to work on something but then, “hey look over there, oh my phone just buzzed who dat, oh I have to go get the laundry, I really should start exercising more,” and all the other buzzy little thoughts come tumbling in. This is a signal that your third eye chakra is too open and taking in too much information from the outside world.

Having a too wide open third eye chakra for too long can lead to paranoia, delusion, irrationality, an inability to be “here” in your body, a feeling of being confused, foggy-minded, stuck in your head, flaky, floaty, or like you’d rather be off astral traveling than dealing with real-world stuff.

Balancing the third eye chakra

If you feel like your third eye chakra is blocked or too closed, or maybe too wide open to external influence, there are some simple, practical ways you can bring more balance to your sixth chakra:

Third eye guided meditation

Since the seat of the sixth chakra lies in the mind, meditation is one of the best ways to interact with it, access its power, and bring balance to it.

A guided meditation that focuses on the third eye will help you bear witness to the clamoring of information and subconscious beliefs floating around in there that are not serving you in your life.

Bringing conscious awareness to them is the first step in healing the negative self-talk and disrupting the patterns of belief that have held you back from living an authentic life.

You can simply close your eyes and breathe, and place your attention right in the center of your head, perhaps envisioning a ball of light there in a beautiful indigo hue.

Breathe and see what thoughts, emotions, and sensations pop up. Acknowledge them, say hello, and then let them float away.

Third eye chakra stones

Healing crystals are also a wonderful way to work with third eye chakra energy since they work on the same level of consciousness that our third eye has access to.

You can simply add some stones to your meditation, by holding them or placing them on or near your body while you meditate.

You can also do a specific third eye chakra healing technique using certain stones placed directly on your third eye area, at the center of your forehead, and simply breathe and see if you can tune into the subtle frequencies they offer.

Notice if your thoughts or sensations begin to shift as you breathe and focus on the stone’s emanation of healing frequencies.

Amethyst, lithium quartz, labradorite, sodalite, and lapis lazuli are some wonderful third eye healing stones to start with.

But as always, let your intuition, or inner vision in this case, be your guide in choosing which stone may be right for your needs at this time.

You can also wear a third eye chakra stone bracelet to bring you all-day balancing power.

Third eye energy clearing 

Meditation helps bring awareness to what needs to be addressed to bring you more emotional balance, and healing stones can be an essential tool to help start to break up the negative energy in your third eye chakra.

But using them together in a regular clearing practice offers the ultimate way to break out of subconscious blocks, release the old records playing in the back of your mind, bust out of unconscious patterning and really do some deep healing.

To do this, sitting or lying in meditation with your favorite third eye healing stones on or near your body, imagine your third eye chakra in the center of your mind, a glowing ball of indigo blue.

Draw your attention to any cords or tethers attached to your third eye chakr—these are energetic thought forms, beliefs, and memories tied to others. Just use your imagination and let yourself envision it without judging anything.

Now imagine you can cut these cords, detach them gently, and then smooth out the surface of your chakra wherever there was something attached. Use a pair of energetic hands, “see” them clearing your sixth chakra now.

You can also ask for any energies or entities that are not in your highest benefit to release from your sixth chakra now, and send them down and out through your grounding cord.

Ask for any beliefs, perceptions, or ways of seeing the world that are untrue or holding you back from living your life to the fullest, to unwind from their coiled place in your mind and be released, down and out through your grounding cord, back into the Earth to be composted.

Use your imagination in this way and know that this is the playground of the energetic world and your energy body is listening and responding to these visions.

This is something you can do daily for more emotional balance and mental clarity. Check-in each evening and clear out all the thoughts, ideas, opinions, perceptions, and beliefs you’ve acquired that don’t belong to you, or no longer serve you, and allow yourself to let them go.

I hope this helps you understand the importance of a clear and balanced third eye chakra, how to know when it’s blocked or out of balance, and some easy tools you can use to create sixth chakra healing in your life.

Here’s to developing an empowered and clear vision, and releasing all the mental gunk that’s in the way!

You can do anything you can envision in your mind’s eye. It’s time to balance that sixth chakra so you can bring your visions to life!