Crystals are one of my favorite energetic tools! Whether I’m doing a chakra crystal healing session with a client, using them in my personal energy work practices, making chakra stone elixirs, wearing crystal jewelry, or stuffing gemstones in my bra, I know crystals to be much more than just woo-woo fascinations that offer a placebo effect of good vibes.

Crystal healing is one of the most powerful forces this Earth has given us. We just haven’t yet figured out (or more likely have forgotten) how amazing they truly are.

But when you start to work with crystals to bring balance to your chakras, you realize the depth of magic and true healing they offer.

So, if you’re ready to dive into the subtle realm of chakra crystals, I’m sharing 10 must-have crystals to bring healing to your whole chakra system.

woman chakra points collage art
[Chakra collage art illustration from The Heart Revolution by Benedikt Just]

What are chakra crystals?

Chakra crystals are simply crystals with healing properties that have a beneficial effect on your chakras, or the energy system within your body. 

They work with your chakras to help them release blockages and come back into their innate state of balance. Think of them like tuners for your inner guitar strings.

Crystals are frequency tools that can harmonize, expand and recalibrate the frequencies around them, which makes them amazing tools to use when working with the subtle frequencies of your own body.

I’ve heard it explained by a teacher of mine, and also witnessed in my own life experiences, that crystals essentially bring the non-physical into the physical world.

They capture, record, and store energetic frequencies of light, sound, vibration, emotion, and thought to harness them into a form we can touch, hold and work with.

They are nature’s record keepers, the Earth grid’s computer chips, they contain libraries of history, eons of time and space, all held within the highly organized crystalline structure they contain.

They are more than just rocks. They are much more than just pretty. They are a consciousness that you can actually touch. Crystals are the coolest!

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How do you work with chakra crystals?

In the list below, I share specific chakra stones and how to work with each of them, but in a general sense, know that there are many ways to work with your chakra crystals, and you really can’t go wrong.

You can place them directly on top of your body above the specific chakra you want to work with. You can wear them as jewelry, hold them during meditation, keep them around your home and work, put them under your pillow, use them in the bath, take crystal elixirs, make crystal grids… The options are endless! 

So your first and always best bet, in terms of which specific chakra stones are right for your needs, is to trust your instincts.

Let your intuition guide you. Choose the stone you’re most attracted to. Place it wherever you want to on or around your body and home. Do what feels right, what feels good.

Make a conscious connection with your chakra healing stone in terms of what energy you’re ready to release or bring into your life, and you’ll be working with crystal healing energy! It really is that simple.

So, here’s my pick of 10 of the best chakra healing crystals to give you a good starting point to choose the right ones for you!

man jumping into crown chakra

10 essential chakra crystals for healing yourself:


Selenite is a whole body, head-to-toe chakra healing crystal that you can use on any chakra and throughout your entire aura for cleansing and renewal.

Its energy is light and bright to lift a heavy heart or dull spirits, to slough off stagnant or negative energy, and bring clarity and peace to your entire energy system.

You can wave a selenite wand around your body to cleanse your aura, or even your physical environment, place it anywhere on your body where you feel tension or heavy energy, or keep it on your desk or bedside at night to soak up its healing vibes.

You can also lay other crystals on top of a selenite wand or plate to cleanse them!


Hematite is a beautiful healing crystal, primarily associated with the root chakra, to bring grounding and nurturing Earth energy into your body.

If you’ve been go-go-going, doing all the things, and are feeling overwhelmed, hematite is full of calming yin energy to help bring you back into balance.

When you need to embody or enhance your divine feminine energies of magnetism, intuition, and beingness, call on hematite to strengthen those innate qualities within you and help you bring your inner wisdom into real-world life.

If you’ve been very in your head or anxiety is wearing you thin, it can feel really good to rub a tumbled hematite stone on the bottom of your feet to ground yourself and come back to center.

You can also hold hematite during meditation, wear a hematite chakra bracelet or place stones anywhere on your body that feel good to you.

venus with crystal in background


Labradorite is an amazing healing crystal, especially for our world right now and what we’re going through as a human collective, as it helps bring dreams and visions into reality.

It’s mostly associated with the brow chakra, or third eye, but in my personal experience, it’s a full-body healer that not only enhances our sixth chakra’s intuitive senses, but also connects with the throat chakra, heart chakra, and lower chakras.

It acts as a conduit between your heart’s desires, your vision for what’s possible, how you express that vision in the world, and the action steps you need to take to make it happen.

Labradorite communicates through flashes of insight, your thoughts, and dreams. Keep one under your pillow at night and ask it to bring you answers or clarity in your dreams. Meditate with it, wear it as jewelry, keep one near as you journal about your vision for the future.

You can place it on any chakra from your root to your crown. Trust it to guide you in how to work with it. Trust yourself to listen.


I always think of aventurine as being adventurous! It’s a heart-opening, big, and wide energy that wants to grab life by the horns and experience everything it has to offer.

When you’re feeling low, lifeless, or uninspired, aventurine brings rejuvenating energy to help you feel nurtured, confident, and more present. It’s a great crystal for the heart chakra or solar plexus chakra, to help you release negative emotions, and bring in more joy, ease, and a sense of freedom from within. 

Place it on your body and envision its healing energy as a green light emanating into any particular chakra that needs some emotional healing and nurturing.

It’s also a great stone to wear as a necklace that hangs right over your heart chakra, or to hold during meditation. 

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli’s deep indigo blue color is associated with the third eye chakra, and it’s one of the best crystals to use to enhance your intuitive senses, develop your inner vision, and access that deep wisdom that’s already within you.

It’s also an amazing throat chakra healing crystal to help you express all that intuitive insight and uncover more and more of your essential core truth.

And it contains striations of quartz and bits of pyrite, which connect the heavens with the Earth and help you bring all that ethereal energy into real-world action.

My favorite way to work with Lapis Lazuli is to make a crystal elixir with it, which essentially captures the energetic essence in water. Then you drink the water to receive the full body goodness.

You can also wear it, carry it, keep it by your bedside, journal with it. Ask how it wants to be worked with. It will show you the way.

chakra symbol ancient egypt spiritual art
[Chakra collage art illustration from The Heart Revolution by Benedikt Just]


Made where the fire meets water, obsidian is one of the best healing crystals to help ground, temper, and calm the ocean of emotions inside of you.

It’s my first go-to choice when I feel like I have fiery, triggered energy in my body. I’ll reach for obsidian, hold it in my palm or even place my bare feet on top of one, breathe and imagine the negative energy being sucked out of me and absorbed into the stone.

Its grounding energy works very well with the root chakra, and I feel it’s especially helpful for the sacral chakra to release excess and stored emotional energy.

It’s a cleanser, a releaser, an absorber. For this reason, make sure you cleanse it often, before and after working with it—under running water, on the Earth, with smudge smoke, or under the light of the moon for a night.


One of the most well-known and well-loved crystals for a reason, Amethyst is one of the top beneficial crystals to have in your healing arsenal. 

Associated primarily with the crown chakra, it has a big presence of peace, relaxation, and upliftment. So for anxiety, a cluttered mind, confusion, fogginess, or unease anywhere in your system, Amethyst’s energy will bask you in a glow of “all is well” to help you find perspective around whatever struggles you’re facing.

It’s a very helpful stone to connect you with cosmic energy, your guides, and your higher consciousness, as its high vibration lifts and lightens wherever the dark clouds lie within you. It offers clarity and realizations as it uncovers the fog of the mind.

Amethyst is excellent to lay down and relax with. Place it anywhere on your body, take a bath with it, meditate with it, keep it in your space and by your bed to spread its beneficial frequencies far and wide. 


Even though I love all my crystal children equally, there is a special place in my heart for citrine. Citrine is one of the most uplifting and happy energies of any crystal I’ve felt, and I feel like it’s a direct reflection of the light of your own soul.

As a solar plexus chakra healer, citrine is an amazing aid to boost self-esteem and confidence, as it clears out the seeds of doubt and fear that lie within.

When you’re feeling anxious, depressed, or hopeless, citrine is an excellent perspective shifter and energizer. It helps you look on the bright side of life and find more optimism and resilience, even when things look dark.

You can place citrine around your home or workspace, wear it and carry it, throw it in your bath, take it as an elixir. Keep it with you throughout the day to help you shine from within, no matter what life throws at you!

woman acrobat jumping into crown chakra symbol


On those days when you’re exhausted, uninspired, or just fed up, carnelian is like a boost for your lower chakras to inject them with the spice of life!

Primarily a sacral chakra healing tool, when you need more passion, enthusiasm, sexual energy, or willpower, reach for a carnelian to bring the zing.

It’s also a helpful balancer for the root chakra and solar plexus chakra, providing strength, confidence, and grounding.

I like to wear it as jewelry or keep it on my physical body to feel its effects. It’s also a wonderful hormonal balancer, pain reliever, and blood mover. Try rubbing it around your lower belly for menstrual cramps, on your temples for a headache, or anywhere you feel aches and pain. Wear one during your exercise routine to give you more strength and stamina! 


Another full-body healer, fluorite is a gorgeous healing crystal found in colors ranging from clear, yellow, green, blue, purple, or all of the above. It has a wonderful cleansing effect on the entire aura.

Especially good for clearing out gunky, funky energy, think of fluorite as a light bath for your whole being. It clears confusion, negative energy, old subconscious beliefs, and blocks from any chakra, to leave you feeling fresh, new, and full of light.

Fluorite brings great mental clarity to help you make decisions aligned with your heart and intuition.

Place one above your head, at the crown chakra, for a full-body clearing, wave it around your aura, or place on any particular chakra you want help clearing out stuck or stubborn energy.

Remember that healing crystals can only work when you work with them!

This is a consciousness practice, a connection practice, an energetic practice. The less you think about it, and the more you let your feelings guide you instead, the closer you’ll be to communicating with the crystals in a way that can bring true, lasting transformation to your life.

This is just the beginning. Have fun, do what feels right to you, and you’ll find yourself creating more healing in your life with your crystal friends in no time!

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