Clairaudience is “clear hearing,” or the psychic ability to receive intuitive messages through your thoughts or inner dialogue.

This can be one of the hardest psychic abilities for people to access, even though it’s happening to you already every day, as you have to have incredible awareness of your thoughts and the ability to discern which thoughts are coming from you, which are coming from outside sources, and which ones are direct messages from Spirit or your intuition.

But the good news is, like all psychic gifts, clairaudience is just another skill you can develop.

And when you learn how to use your clairaudient abilities in daily life, it becomes a game-changer in how you move through the world, and how magical your everyday experience can become!

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How to know if you’re having a clairaudient experience

Clairaudient people are simply using their extra-sensory perception to pick up on messages, words of advice, and answers to questions through the things they hear within their minds and the world around them.

When you’re tuned into your clairaudience, or psychic hearing, you may hear messages in the wind, you may overhear a random conversation that totally applies to you, a song may come on the radio that reminds you of someone or answers your question directly.

Clairaudient answers come from all sorts of different, funny, and interesting sources, you just have to tune into your intuitive hearing to be able to decipher them, receive them, and claim them as the messages they are.

Clairaudience also comes through your own thought-forms, through the voice in your mind.

Often we can be channeling insight and information from a spirit guide, ancestors, or our higher self, but it just sounds like the same ol’ voice in our heads, so it can be very hard to discern at first.

Most often, clairaudient information that is stemming from a true psychic, intuitive source, rather than from your own mind or some sort of conditioned thinking, comes through very clearly, directly, and simply.

It will be a short sentence. A word. A direct knowing that seems to come from within you rather than from you. It will be wise, comforting, calm. 

Any voices in your head that are pressuring, anxious, or otherwise highly uncomfortable, are not your intuitive wisdom speaking. Ever. 

Your intuitive hearing will guide, support, and uplift you. It speaks through simple wisdom and metaphor.

Your clairaudient voice will say, “Go outside.” “Get off your phone.” “Slow down.” “Turn left here.” “Use your voice.” 

It doesn’t elucidate or defend or try to convince you of anything. If at first you don’t listen or can’t hear, it will keep showing up in different subtle ways. 

You may also have unusual auditory experiences when clairaudience is coming through, such as a ringing in your ears before or during it, or a pressure sensation felt in your ears or head.

I once heard a discernible bulletin sounding beep before an announcement of “message for you” in a booming voice in my mind at the start of a clairaudient experience.

Sometimes it’s subtle, sometimes it hits you over the head to get your attention.

As you get more and more familiar with your psychic hearing, you may actually start to develop the skill of discerning different voices for different energies and guides coming through. You may be able to know immediately if it’s an angel talking to you or your dead grandma whispering into your ear. 

The more you use your intuitive hearing and play around with it, the better and more clear it will become!

How to develop your clairaudient powers

Automatic writing

I first discovered my clairaudience through automatic writing, which is a fun practice anyone can do to start to develop and discern your psychic hearing skills.

Just grab a journal and a pen, or if you’re a fast thumb typer on your phone that’ll work too.

Start the message with Dear higher self, or Dear spirit guide, or write to your angels, the Universe, God, your childhood dog, whoever you want answers from…

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Then write out a question or describe a situation you need help with.

Then you may want to breathe and ground yourself, take a few moments to get centered, and then just start writing the first things that come to your mind. Write write write til you can write no more and see what comes out. 

A lot may be a brain dump of your own thoughts at first, but you will find nuggets of wisdom in there for sure.

The more you do this, the easier it will become, the more clear the answers become, and the more you start to realize you truly are channeling a different energetic source of some sort and not just using your own mind to answer these things.

Sound awareness meditation

Try simply sitting for 5-10 minutes and try to observe and notice each and every different sound around you. You can do this anywhere you are. Practice tuning into each sound, one at a time, while tuning others out. See if you can hear every little noise, really open up your ear’s sensory perception.

The more you do this, the more you’ll develop a better sense of when clairaudient information is coming in and will be able to direct your focus right to it.

Throat chakra balancing

Clairaudience is tied with the throat chakra, where you hear, discern and express truth! If you have a blocked or stagnant throat chakra energy, it will be harder to hear clairaudient messages coming through clearly, and harder to connect with that energy.

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Throat chakra balancing exercises can help. Lay some throat chakra stones there and breathe. Sing and vocalize and hum and exercise your throat chakra’s expression. Take time to sit and be and just listen to balance and empower your throat’s ability to receive insight and intuitive information.

All these things can help stimulate and strengthen your clairaudient ability.

Most of all, it’s important to loosen up, let go of expectations, and have fun with these practices!

What is the role of your heart in developing your clairaudience?

The Heart Revolution is an exploration of life and being human based on the question “Why do we have a heart?”, or less poetically and more technically “What is the function of the human heart?”

From our research and experience we know that the blossoming of your psychic skills comes naturally as you take care of ever deeper healing your heart, that is your emotional wounds.

Just as there is no need for meditation to find inner peace or reach ‘higher’ states of consciousness, there is no need to do any spiritual practices to develop your clairaudience. As you embody more and more of your natural, organic, beautiful self and align your heart with mother Earth, you will blossom in all your aspects, just as our plant siblings begin to blossom when it is their time every spring.

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