First, some throat chakra basics

Your throat chakra, right in the notch of your collarbone, is the seat of expression. It’s where your truth, integrity, and authenticity lie. Whether or not you have a throat chakra imbalance determines how at home within yourself you feel, and how well you’re able to access and express your inner truth.

And it’s not just about how you communicate. The throat chakra is also about how you listen. How you interpret. It’s your inner chord that you can strike all information against to see if it resonates with (your) truth.
It’s where TRUE freedom exists. When I think of the throat chakra, I always think of “true blue”—and the throat chakra is the most beautiful color blue—blue as the sky on a clear day, blue like a pristine mountain lake, blue as the feathers of a jay.

As the 5th chakra, its element is sound itself, frequency, the expression of the ether. This can come through talking, writing, singing, dancing, grunting, painting, whistling, spinning till you’re dizzy, jumping off a waterfall, sobbing through a sad movie… It doesn’t matter how it’s expressed. The throat chakra essence is the creative expression itself.

solar plexus chakra symbol with flower collage art
[Chakra collage art illustration from The Heart Revolution by Benedikt Just]

The throat has a symbiotic relationship with the solar plexus, both being on either side of the precious heart chakra, both feeding and supported by the heart’s rhythm, yearnings, and overall balance.

The solar plexus chakra is how we express creative energy into physical form, where an idea turns into something you can see or hold. The throat chakra is the intangible expression of creative energy itself. It’s the song, the vibration, the frequency of your soul.

An open throat chakra is like the relief valve for a full and heavy heart. It’s the place where the fire and water of anger and sorrow can turn into steam and be released. AAAHHHH!!! Aaahhhhhh. Sound. Expression. An exhale.

A balanced throat chakra is like a gate where you can release all that is untrue and come into alignment with your authentic self.

river pyramids ancient egypt chakra art
[Chakra collage art illustration from The Heart Revolution by Benedikt Just]

Do you have a throat chakra imbalance?

Most of us humans in the world today have a throat chakra imbalance of some sort. A healthy, open, and balanced throat chakra allows you to express your truest, most honest, and aligned version of yourself. Are you living that way? Are the people around you?

I’ve been unraveling my own throat chakra blockage for many years, and it’s multi-layered, sometimes intense work, but is so necessary to create true healing in your life.

An imbalanced throat chakra feels like you’re not fully expressing who you are, aren’t living your truth, aren’t speaking up or showing up how you really want to, and aren’t in balance in your life.

Throat chakra imbalance often stems way back from your childhood, and even ancestral wounds through your DNA.

Anytime you’ve experienced the suppression of your expression in any way, even for seemingly well-meaning reasons, it can create an energetic block. So each time you gulp down what you really want to say, or shy away from wanting to be heard, another little block develops like a pebble in the stream of your expression.

Every time you hold in a secret, lie about something, say yes when you really mean no, silence yourself, hold back, or don’t speak up out of fear, plunk plunk, go a few more pebbles into the stream.

And if those pebbles are never sorted through, looked at, and ultimately released, they can eventually pile up into a dam that creates a throat chakra blockage.

flowers in red circle behind woman sitting on a rock

How does a throat chakra imbalance manifest?

This can manifest physically as thyroid problems, ear, nose, and throat infections and illnesses, tonsilitis, mouth and teeth issues, stuttering and speech issues, and much more.

It shows up emotionally and mentally as fear of judgment from others if you express your true self, as other people’s opinions mattering more to you than your own, losing sight of yourself, diminishing your light, toning down your volume to keep others comfortable, and not sharing your unique creative expression with the world.

How do you know if you have an overactive throat chakra?

And when your throat chakra is too blocked for too long, what do you think happens with all that stuffed down and suppressed emotional energy? Eventually, the dam breaks, and ALLLL the rage, sadness, and hate get released like a flood that destroys anything in its wake.

This is how a blocked throat chakra can flip-flop into an overactive throat chakra real quick and become a common cyclical dance between extremes.

When your throat chakra is in overactive mode, it’s like it can’t hold back, the floodgates are open, expression is raw and overpowering, you can’t/won’t/don’t wanna hear anyone else, you just want to BE HEARD. It’s a force, a rushing wave. It’s an unabashed, cranked-up volume on the truth.

Can you witness in your own life how you’ve swung from these extremes from time to time? How the holding in and suppression led to an eventual spilling over, which then creates a wave of shame that blocks your throat back up again, only to at some point spill back over. And on and on the cycle goes.

throat chakra symbol with mathematic graph in background

So how do you break that cycle to create a healthy, balanced throat chakra?

1. You have to express yourself!

You have to unearth the pebbles. You have to go within to find those unexpressed feelings and create a healthy way to set them free. Express your inner truth!

Write letters to people and situations in your life. Say what you really want to say, and then burn or bury the letter and let it go. Punch your pillow, scream into it, jump up and down on your bed, go to the bathroom, and whisper-cuss someone out.

Roar, growl, scream, hiss, shout, sing, chant, cry, hum, sigh—practice expressing the emotions without using any words. Words can get in the way! Instead, express the frequency of the feeling itself!

This is THE practice to transform, cleanse and empower your throat chakra. Let it be a personal practice, not meant for anyone else to hear or witness. Give yourself the gift of completely freely expressing your true emotions for at least a few glorious moments each day, to help keep that river of authentic self-expression flowing.

2. Try a throat chakra meditation

Inhale through your nose, and exhale out of your mouth a few times, settle into your body, and let the power of your imagination help you clear some gunk out as you meditate.

You can invite your guides or angels into your throat chakra and see them with little scrubbers and squeegees, whisking the ick away. Or imagine a clear blue light, inside and out of your throat, cleansing and clearing it and bringing balance. You can imagine a caged bird in your throat who wants to be free, and see yourself opening that cage, let it out and let it sing!

Use that creative energy of the throat chakra and allow yourself to visualize whatever feels good and helpful to you. Then, imagine your throat chakra releasing the blocks and creating a clear, easy path for your expression to flow through.

woman chakra points collage art energy field
[Chakra collage art illustration from The Heart Revolution by Benedikt Just]

3. Use a throat chakra stone

Look for a blue crystal to use as a throat chakra healing tool. I’m writing this article while holding a gorgeous raw aquamarine in my left hand, the knowledge stone, one that connects you with profound truth and wisdom and the ability to express it.

Lapis lazuli is also a beautiful throat chakra healing crystal to help you access your inner truth and intuitive wisdom and integrate it into everyday physical reality.

Blue lace agate is another favorite healing crystal with soft and cooling energy to help temper an overactive throat chakra, or create a sense of ease and safety to help a blocked throat chakra open.

I also love wearing necklaces with throat chakra stones so I can have their energy right over my throat and heart space. I wear a kyanite necklace almost daily, which helps you better connect to and express your psychic perceptions with more clarity and ease.

4. Express your body through movement

Movement is an essential aspect of creative energy and a super fun way to clear and balance your throat chakra! Stomp, shake, shimmy, jump, kick. Use your body to express the pain, the anger, the shame, the emotions you’ve been holding back.

Many yoga poses can also help bring balance to the thyroid and throat chakra. Any neck and shoulder stretches, like cat-cow, lion’s breath, neck rolls, camel pose, plow pose, and shoulder stand are all excellent yoga poses to help bring balance to the throat chakra, and get stagnant energy moving again.

Also, allowing your body to freely move and express itself how it wants to, not worrying about what it looks like, and letting your emotions lead the way, is an excellent way to move through some of the unexpressed feelings you’ve been holding within you.

Imagine a world full of people with balanced throat chakras, able to communicate more clearly and openly, able to accept and hear other points of view more easily, and able to express the wisdom and truth of their hearts. What a stunning world that would be! And that’s the energy of a healthy 5th chakra, of “5D” energy, of true authentic expression.

That’s the energy we’re stepping into at this point in our human evolution. The time has come! It’s time to clear out the lies, the fears, the untruths you’ve held about yourself for so long, and let the truth of your soul shine through. Express your true self, and save the world!

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