Everything from the device you’re using to read this article to the planets spinning around in the sky possesses a unique energy field that informs and communicates with surrounding environments. Although invisible, these energy fields carry a strength powerful enough to attract similar frequencies that magnify specific properties or to repel and rise above limiting forces.

For example, from a macroscopic level, we can look at planet Earth, whose field consists of a multi-layered atmosphere that sustains our temperature and wind patterns, as well as a magnetic field that shields us from the vast unpredictability of space weather. Without these different layers, the planet would be lifeless, sucked of its resources by the vacuum of space, and this also goes for our human bodies. 

flowering human energy field collage art

Our energy fields are an incredible facet that we can work with to our advantage in maximizing health levels, increasing fulfillment, and attracting like-hearted individuals into our lives. These fields’ simultaneous strength and sensitivity can amplify and lift others or, if left unattended, soak up toxic patterns from the environment. This is where it gets real to the deal, my friends. We are more powerful than we have ever truly known, and with that comes a level of responsibility to free ourselves from the chains of victim-hood. 

What is the human energy field?

The human energy field, as we know it, consists of five layers, including the physical, etheric, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. The physical layer comprises all our organs and flesh that hold us together. This is a standard level that is easy to see with the naked eye. As we move into more subtle realms, the etheric body is the first layer of our auric field, bridging the physical body with the energetic bodies. Our emotional body stores all the feelings we hold and inform other layers accordingly.

When an emotion is left unfelt or repressed, this can cause energetic blockages and trickle down to the physical body, where illness may manifest. The same applies to the mental body, as our thoughts create our experience. I like to remind myself that it’s not about what you think but how you think. The spiritual body is the fifth layer that holds our higher awareness that can be accessed in bridging universal consciousness

Why is your aura important?

Each of these layers works in tandem to assist and inform one another, especially regarding health and well-being. This basic understanding has significantly improved the way I lead my life, tend to my body, and honor my thoughts. While I am devoted to my growth and evolution, I feel a deep sense of gratitude seeing others do the same because, ultimately, our energy fields are feeding one another. Just like a boomerang, it’ll come back to you, so why not make your offering to the best of your ability?

Your aura is important because not only does it reflect your state of being back to you so you can tend to it accordingly, but your aura also sends a signal to the external world that informs your environment and the experiences you call in. 

The more this information becomes mainstream, the more alternative medicine practices see the day as we realize treating physical symptoms is not enough. Energy healing and techniques like reiki, chakra healing, and acupuncture continue to make their way into more western medical spaces. 

How do you heal your energetic field?

There are many energetic practitioners who offer services to aid in realignment and blockage clearing. In my experience, I have never needed to seek anyone out, and I think the most aligned relationships happen through ease. For example, you might stumble into a craniosacral therapist at the local farmers market or bump into a reiki healer after a yoga class. Whoever you decide to work with, check-in with yourself and ensure you trust and feel safe with this person. 

On the other hand, you might find it helpful to learn about some of these practices and heal your own energetic field. Therapies like acupuncture require an energy medicine practitioner. Still, there are simple practices you can do daily to build a relationship with the energetic body and heal and clear blockages. For example, there are many free resources to help you get started on chakra work, such as online guides and meditations.

Reiki is another excellent tool that you can practice on yourself by familiarizing yourself with its history and allowing the universal life energy to flow through you. This is one of my favorite ways to interact with my energetic body as I allow my hands to direct healing and love to different centers.

Your energy field also feels you, so your approach matters.

Aside from healing measures you can receive or gift yourself, these tools are not to be taken lightly or approached the same way pills are prescribed to mask a problem. I say this because I have seen fellow brothers and sisters turn to these modalities as a crutch, ultimately abusing their potential. With love, I’ll remind you, these resources must be approached with intention and respect. What good is it to practice self-reiki on yourself only to continue repeating toxic behaviors that leave your feeling depleted? If our practices are meant to help us improve, it is up to us to follow through and feed that into our practices.

The different layers of the human energy field are like main interstate roads that lead to smaller local streets. As a whole, the various layers make up our aura, and individually they hold different keys to better guide integrative healing. However, each layer is made up of its own ecosystem at their core that interweaves with our meridians, nervous system, and the pulse of electromagnetic energy in our hearts.

This ecosystem is your garden of information; it is the body’s subconscious where past traumas can be worked through and where wisdom can shine through. So essentially, the physical body becomes more than just a flesh suit but a storage unit of all that is in our energetic field. 

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