Your root chakra is vitally important. It’s what connects you to your body, the Earth, and to this moment. It’s what brings you home to right here and now.

Your root chakra is the base of your entire chakra system, and if it’s not open and flowing, it will affect every other one of your chakras.

Below, you’ll learn a simple daily meditation you can do for root chakra healing to help you feel grounded, present and safe in your body, no matter where you are, or what’s going on in your life.

But first, let’s get more familiar with our remarkable, beautiful root chakra!

Where is the root chakra located?

The root chakra lies at the base of your central channel in the pelvic floor, right between your legs.

Although it is perceptual and energetic, I do not feel the root chakra is at the base of the spine, as most chakra texts will tell you. I’ve never felt any sensations or had any experience with my root chakra opening at the end of my tailbone, and the most ancient tantric yoga texts which are the first to refer to a chakra system, place the root chakra in the center of the legs as well.

If you have a cervix, you can tap into root chakra energy there. If not, you can imagine an energetic opening right between your legs, at the center of you. Either way, you’ll use your imagination and intention to connect with its energy. 

What is the root chakra responsible for?

The root chakra is your source of security, safety, and belonging. It’s responsible for you feeling connected to the Earth, to your human body, and to this present moment.

Our root chakra is connected with themes of sexuality, money, resources, and everything we need as humans in order to survive.

It is the first chakra that is developed and active when we’re born and connects us to our family of origin, our ancestors, our DNA, and life itself. 

Emotionally, it’s where we can carry feelings of lack, disconnection, inherited struggles and patterns, and karma from past lives. Physically, the root chakra relates to your sex organs, adrenal glands, lower back, spine, bones, and legs.

How do I know if my root chakra is blocked?

A blocked root chakra can be experienced in a range of different ways. Emotionally, you may feel disconnected, depressed, abandoned, or extremely stressed, like you’re in constant survival mode. When you’re struggling with feeling secure- either from money issues, feeling safe and confident in your body, or like you are loved and accepted- you may need some root chakra healing.

Often those of us who tend to be “in our heads” and very mentally active can disconnect from our physical bodies, and our root chakras disengage from their connection to the Earth.

This can create flakiness and worry, lack of practicality, confusion, indecision, and getting lost in one’s thoughts. Connecting your root chakra energy into mother Earth is like an anchor that pulls you out of your head, back into your body, into this moment right now.

What causes a root chakra imbalance?

Our root chakra connection is assaulted on a nearly endless basis through the onslaught of information, emotions, and energies we interact with each day.

If your safety, survival, or security feels threatened in any way, when you’re in fight/flight/freeze mode, when your adrenals are stressed or your needs are not being met, your root chakra is in a state of imbalance.

Your root chakra is connected not just to the roots of your own family and soul lineage, but also to the entire human collective, to humanity itself! I think it’s nearly impossible to have a balanced root chakra in this day and age without practicing active, intentional healing around it.

What happens when your root chakra opens and is balanced?

You’ll know the difference when your root chakra opens and finds balance because your entire nervous system will settle down, you’ll be able to find a sense of calm and peace, your thoughts will quiet down and you’ll be connected to your present experience.

When your root chakra opens, your grounding cord is able to connect with the supportive, nurturing energy of the Earth. This helps you feel grounded, present, capable, practical, and discerning.

When your root chakra is open, you feel secure, safe, ready, and like you have everything you need in order to create everything you want. It feeds vital life force energy up to the sacral chakra to empower your desires and gives gas to the fire of your solar plexus chakra, so you have the energy to take action on accomplishing your goals. 

What is root chakra healing?

Whole-body healing can happen when you clear a blocked root chakra or bring harmony to a root chakra imbalance. When you practice opening your root chakra energy and grounding it down into the Earth, you’re able to stay more grounded, patient, and discerning throughout the day, and bring benefit to your entire chakra system through one simple practice.

How is your root chakra related to the other main chakras? It’s the base chakra that acts as both the support system and the drain pipe. It’s where you’re able to release any energy from your chakra system that no longer serves you, back into the Earth to be composted. And at the same time, it’s where you can bring in new vital energy from the Earth itself to spread through your entire chakra system. 

Root chakra healing brings power, strength, support, resilience, and a fundamental connection to nature and to your experience of being human. 

There are many ways to experience root chakra healing. You can use root chakra crystals in your meditations, or wear or carry one with you throughout the day. You can practice root chakra affirmations, such as “I am grounded. I am supported. I belong here.” to help you feel more solid, strong, and centered. But the simplest and most accessible way to create root chakra healing is through practicing a quick root chakra meditation. Try this one below and see how it makes you feel!

Root Chakra Meditation for Opening and Grounding

  1. Sit or stand comfortably with your feet flat on the ground. (If you can do this outside, barefoot, on the grass or dirt, or beneath a tree, you will feel connected to this process even more quickly and strongly.)
  2. Take a few deep breaths in through your nose, and out through your mouth.
  3. Place your hands palms down on your legs and breathe.
  4. Imagine roots growing down from the bottom of your feet, going down down down into the Earth.
  5. Then connect in with your root chakra energy, right at your pelvic floor. Envision or see if you can feel a ball of light energy there. Let it be any color that comes to your mind.
  6. Feel into this ball of energy, and then let it drop down between your legs, leaving a thin cord connected to your root chakra. This is your grounding cord.
  7. Send that ball of energy down deeper and deeper and ask it to plug into the heart of the Earth. Breathe.
  8. Pause here and notice the sensations in your body. Pay attention to your feet and legs. Do you feel more connected? More sturdy? More calm?
  9. When you’re ready, send your attention back down to your grounding cord.
  10. Then, using your breath, imagine slowly bringing your grounding cord back up into your body, and with it, you’re bringing some of that vital Earth energy along with it. Imagine scooping it up, or sucking it up like a straw, back into your root chakra.
  11. Feel into this ball of Earth energy now in your root chakra, and imagine it growing larger and larger. See if you can feel any tingling or sensations in your body.
  12. Then bring this big ball of energy up from your root, all the way into your heart chakra. Breathe into that big light in your heart space and let the energy flow.
  13. Know that you are safe, supported, and resilient. You have everything you need to create your heart’s desires here in the physical realm.
  14. Then with a big exhale, imagine this light energy spreading out from your heart, filling your entire aura with the energizing, nurturing energy of the Earth, and spreading it out to the whole world around you.

Ahhh! How do you feel now? This is an excellent root chakra grounding meditation and everyday energizing practice to help you feel more vital, supported, and connected to this physical realm, and all the wonders it has to offer us.

Once you get the steps down, you can really do this in 30 seconds, whenever you need it. Come back to this practice whenever you feel weighed down with emotions, stuck in your head, stressed or strugglin’, and you’ll feel more balanced root chakra energy in no time!

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