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We have the pleasure of having Thomas Young here, International speaker and teacher, and his main focus is all around the heart, and before we jump in into your insides, knowledge and expertise about the heart. I think it would be interesting and inspiring for our audience to hear a little bit about you know the human background, Because it didn’t come to the world point as a spiritual teacher, but you had to live a different life. And then life brought you will lead you to discovering your spiritual gifts and talents and interests, and then you changed your life and ended up talking all around the hearts all the time, so I think it will be interesting to have an introduction. How you ended up being spiritual teacher, talking all about the heart,
ending up things a little pessimistic, but as a B. I am and
I was studying and having a very creative normal life as a student. In the end of my twenties. I had some experiences and looking back on them, I would say by grace, which I couldn’t explain, or, nor did I have any background in my biography, So the were energies shooting through my head’s a radiant light and out of this center, and and they were a
beautiful loving, and I had no idea what it was. It was in combination with clairvoyant insights and arm, My was studying sociology, a little bit of psychology, English, but not a mystery school, teachings or wisdom traditions or anything. I like that so that set me on a track. It was likely getting a little bit of catching a glimpse or getting an idea of how energies can operate and that there’s so much more so I was looking for people who had the same experiences with similar experiences, and I found a very wise woman in Germany, a deep trance medium or channel, and are later on, I ran into an American mystic brew, joy, and the encounter was him profoundly touched my heart my life, because he could evoke that which happened through me by grace, are consciously, and he was teaching people on how to awaken those energies and arm.
I saw I worked with him, but I was still having. The company in Germany and and living a normal life until I’m thirty seven. That’s when I went out teaching and doing the stuff I’m doing right now. So in what I’m doing is I’m holding spaces. I invite people in to have similar experiences were different, once all centered around the heart and combining the four sacred arts of
healing of regular work off on storytelling and or farm dreamwork so it’s a very rich tapestry, so to speak of a spiritual path, ways from many different wisdom traditions, traumatic passes, but all centered around the hot
weather, it’s the heart of the Egyptian. Mystery school teachings of the Greek ones as a Native American Indian, once all the Christian ones of the logistic, once, Ah, That’s
what I’m doing or why devote my time to and and I considered privilege to teach people in and getting access to this energies, and and that’s pretty much it. Everything else flows into workshops, spoke cities, meditations and stuff like that.
Okay and I had the choice into you, you couple of years ago, His and I still remember one thing that I
added my own research, and I just found I found it so profound when you talked about how important it is to build up those heart qualities and the heart before any other like psychic abilities, Could you tell us more about this wind is like this Because I think that’s very important. Now a world today were many wisdom schools or traditions are
centered around three dimensions of teachings. You could say first you or your teachers about focus. You learn how to focus how to come from contemplate how to tame this monkey mind. The second dimension is all about ethics. How to be to have a foundation in. In love in not being superior to others or being a minor to others, but I’m having a very profound and sound foundation in love in a a peacefulness in a healing presence, and in compassion, and and then the set I mentioned would be wisdom in all it’s varieties, and if you do not have this second dimension of being sent it in an experience of love, are the qualities of the third eye. If awakened prematurely or will lead to, and they can become very, not only superhuman which a lot of people thrive to R develop, but. Inhumane because it’s very cold, it’s neutral, but also in the sense of cold, so if you’re not centered in your heart, and the the step to miss use those powers is a very a short one. Let’s put it that way, and the other thing is, Ah another big motive. If the mystery school teachings is that I do
in the Greek mystery schools. For instance, you have this idea that if you want to develop your third eye, it is as if you would meditate yourself up to a poll on the the Greek god of clairvoyance off of the larger mind, and so in in in
that circumstance, he would meditate yourself up to Apollon knock at his door, and he would open up and he would just have one question and his. Question to you is Have you been to my brother Hades already, and if you do not have, Ah, yes, you just are thrown into
the hades, so to speak, and and and that metaphor also mirrors that if you are not able to integrate all, if you’re not brave enough to encounter your fears to arm, move into what we would call the unconscious. Then you are not able to hold the super conscious, so it’s like and we have this three directions,
enter the below into the above and into life in in a lot of mystery schools, and and we, we cannot leave one of those out, and the other centering point of all this. Persians would be the heart center. So what I’m doing is I am, hold a frame a containment. If you want a temporary temporary vessel, the temporal vessel, and for people where they can have a very deep experience of that centre, and once they have it, they considered to be a
peak experience of their spiritual biography, and they have profound changes in their everyday lives afterwards, However, every peak experience of the challenges that. How do you make a plateau out of a peak so
then that’s the next step and the next step and the next step, But for me the heart is really the key. It’s it’s a ticket into the transpersonal re arms, and it’s also. A major key for every form of spiritual healing
and what about like
and it sounds like good, and I think a lot of people wouldn’t like having that experience, but can you to maybe I dunno if it’s possible, But how we had such an experience because I think it would need to practice like everything we cultivate. Needs something to go on, and on there anything you can make mad
already are my recommendations. The same as yours would be daily practice. I dunno any profound spiritual teacher who doesn’t meditate daily
because you have to the the unconscious forces or the invitations to become unconscious, The two days yourself away into whatever to social media, to binge -watching into all the. And all the nice
surroundings is a pretty big, so if you want to win a holder, clear focus on, and what you saw wants, and what your heart wishes. Of course you have to have a daily practice. So what we do is there are two major, and let’s say directions to meditate. We have an attitude,
Ah centered meditations, and we have meditations which are centered around a certain space of frequency, which you want to touch into an, and these attitudes, which I call heart qualities
are qualities which you, you said to yourself daily in them that would be compassion in a harmony, the healing presence, unconditional love, but not as a metaphor but as an energy saver if I. I work with people and I talk about compassion. Everybody says yeah, right, Yeah, compassion, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, compassion, beautiful, Yeah, right beautiful, but so I get the signature that compassion is a nice thing, but that’s a profound difference from the energetic experience of compassion and shooting through you, and and having that space available throughout the day, which means you’re not judging people. You’re not comparing. You are always in connection. Was the heart on If you’re in the
in the healing works, and you have this different between not being compassionate and in touch with them, but not suffering. At the same time always this is a very thin line to be with people, but not to suffer, rather than holding her hand and inviting them into your space.
Hm, I liked the. I liked the developing of the heart qualities that actually was a one core mission that we had with the Hydra mission is to introduce, and Gabriela has done her Phd work, the research and introduces the idea of a emotional education, or maybe St. Hike as emotion that education, and we are currently you know disgusting locked up. Could this be just like math or foreign languages, a subject in every school, so that kids you know from a young age and start to learn to you know, feel their emotions, their feelings to express them in a proper way, and I was curious, Will talking with Korea. That was curious what you think about this idea of this new you know schools subject, and if you think that could be a way where if kids grow up, and by the time they have to know the highschool diploma, if then spiritual. Skills or abilities appear that they would be already grounded in a solid development and consummation of their headquarters. Absolutely. It’s like you’re storming through open doors, reserves ideas ’em Yes, and and we know that a lot of Ah and teachers, you know probably in the U. S. Ah, and working with some of the big five hundred fortune five hundred companies, and doing preventive or meditative work in order to prevent diseases stuff like that, So on that angle, they do it already was a little children, and I would highly recommend to introduce meditation or in a very playful way, I am not a big friend of arm and ducting kids into certain forms of religion, because I my ideas that everybody has to find about out about that. Well, his or herself in a very free way, but introducing techniques which are based in love and and exploring your own psyche, your own system and not in a kid like way, Because a lot of those techniques are transpersonal, and my idea of this work which I provide is that first you have to build up an ego before you can transcend it, so arm, you have to build up a personality. You have to build up a. You have to find your place in the world, so to speak your space, and then to define it, and then in the thirty thirty five forty, and the other impulses come in. Then you start to
transcend that you get maybe a deeper calling or another calling, and you stopped to a weave your sacred dream into this world and. We’re into your or even your professional life. If you choose to, but starting at an early age. What a wonderful idea.
Yeah, and I also think what you just said is very likely mean. I think nowadays nowadays feel like I can understand each other. I think cultivating the heart is the key. Because the hard for the heartbeat can understand somebody from other cultures. We can look beyond the conflict, and I think that basis as a grounding would really help far. I think a lot of conflicts already, and to practice it from an early age, it would be much more easy, absolutely, and what this point, and and and Benedict mentioned something before the rule of emotions and the Hudson, to, though the way I teach it masters the emotional body. Well, normally we would react
to everything you criticize me. You look a little strange, and I go home. What is this? I react and and so people react to criticism to attack to to whatever to being judged in a certain way when we train our being centered, or are being aware of your own defense mechanisms, your own projections. You start to master your emotional body, meaning you are training to become non -reactive In the most positive sense. It doesn’t mean that you cannot speak up for yourself when needed, but you speak up and not out of a reactive stance, but and with your transpersonal connection, because it’s just right to do it, or it’s not right to do it, but am this these emotions. His mastering of the emotional body and trained to kids that would be a huge blessing. Also we need the power of the emotional body. The positive sense. When we want to do manifestation work as well as healing work. We all know are in the meantime that a thought has a little electrical charge. That an emotion is like spiritual fuel, a positive emotion, and that the hot center has a huge is a huge residence center to sing out, so to speak the song of that little, ah, little thought, which may be arm healed, or which may be other through the some of my vision into the world and finds its and helpers. It’s a kindred spirits and and connects you. Life’s dream to the world, so if we want to manifest whatever the whatever vision that is and or orchestrate a healing him, the heart and its capacity to master the emotional body plays a huge role.
Yeah, but also the importance of the emotional body. That is. I think sometimes the healing of emotional body is so important. Because otherwise maybe the act out of an your place and create something to create distortion in the book
to keep it simple, But that’s I think so important in. Especially in the Western Us. Adult education systems are so much mind focused and went for that, too, And Yeah, I think that would be really. I. I want to emphasize the importance of the emotions in context of that, creating things, and many said fasting things, Yeah, and. I think also wishes like
that we should come from our hard to actually do. We wish of a middle car or something else. Because we don’t feel roofing up like this.
I think
interesting is important.
There are many many big. Let’s say
soul, and
there are many many wishes. The personality has, of course, most of them, or maybe material, and some are spiritual than others, and those are soiling of the calling of the soul which a widow really want to explore in this lifetime, or that might also
implicate that you had other lifetimes before, and that you want to weave on a certain thread and an empty threat, a spiritual thread, and you may let go of others which are. No longer important, so I, I very much like a teaching from Ah, I was living for seventeen years and garden Hawaii, and there was one Kahuna hala Mcu or who had like three golden principles, Who could say one is on the first one is before a good life for a fulfilled life, and the first one is I love everything you see was humility. Really love everything you see. Don’t don’t put yourself above to put yourself below love everything you see was humility. The second one is our live. Everything you feel was reverence and not blindly, but was reverence, but that live it and feel it. Don’t don’t deny anything, and the third one is, nor who you are was discipline and this cert one. Knowing who you are was discipline refers to the spiritual lineages out of which we stem or come
my experiences as a young lad age twenty nine, I, I have no other explanation explanation than that I must have trained before in other lifetimes, otherwise white. Why me, there was nothing in my eye by our biography or background, which which you would say could have indicated that energy out of there and and and a calling to do what I’m doing right now, and and then you may have this, but even
if you have that calling, and the challenges of life, they do not stop, it’s not like you have a guarantee of being healthy all the time or something, I remember a story and not a storia, the the life of a. Ritual teacher in California, in her fifties, a lady, very, you would say awakened or developed. She was our best selling author. She
was. I had a nutrition, in which was vegan, She was doing yoga, and you could say I’ll think well, she. She was leading a life which you may call if you were to have that naming, which would be spiritually correct. Now, I don’t think there’s anything like spiritual correctness but are
then she got cancer. Although she was very benevolent with others this and that still she got cancer, and then she tried everything out. She has a huge network of arm healers of doctors. Have this isn’t that, but she couldn’t ah. Get a grip on those tumors. They were still slowly growing, and then time got precious one and a half two years later and it was getting more and more dangerous, so she went to what I would call a wild kart arm you a woman in her sixties, and and nobody knew what she really was, was she a hilo. Was she a medium, was she something she she was, she crazy, Was she normal, She was a wild card, so she went there, and this woman said nothing, so for ten minutes, she just gazed through her and then she said you know what was you. I only hear one word,
Lady said. Well, what what is it Baptism, and achievement, What baptism? I will not let myself being baptized into something here and to a cause or into a church or no way than through, though the wildcats says, no, No, No, No, No, no
baptism of your soul into your body,
then she said up, okay, and she improvised a ritual of guiding her saw even deeper into her body, and and and
that was the defining or changing moment From that second on. The tumors started to shrink now when I look at spirituality nowadays, or in the last decades, a lot of those and let’s say until two thousand a lot of those directions were targeted him. Leaving the body and going to the fifth dimension as fast as possible then there was little movement balancing it out, called embodiment of which I actually prefer, because I think it’s a huge blessing to be present in your body as a soul in the body, bringing heaven to earth. So to speak anchor the higher dimensions in yourself are not leaving the temple of your soul and it too early, So my thesis is arm.
Maybe there are even deeper states of being incarnated. Maybe we are not really fully incarnated. And as this example would show up. If you would do an interview with that person or the lady,
she’d probably say well. I’m very present. Them are very present. Person are right, but still there were deeper arm states possible, and I myself had also experiences like that in Hawaii. I remember one time
I normally I’m guiding meditations a lot day in and out. That’s my basic work, But there I was with a circle of friends and somebody else was guiding, and I was relaxing, and and it was some light body meditation, and suddenly I went very deep. I saw myself from above and I saw this bald head, and at first I was too. That War was already aware who it was until I read the notice. Oh, this is me, and then I saw a little black spot here are like an opening and said what. This is me and I have a black black hole up there and and I. I went exploring, and then I. I realized that is, and that is a colt pointing upwards, and I was thinking. Oh, I have a pistol. I have a cult in my head, but not in a judging way, more, but almost amused, but but more neutral. Oh, I have a call through my head pointing upwards at once. I thought that it was floating out, saying. Oh, it’s floating out. Then a spiritual symbol was floating out, and something from the Tibetans, then again, a weapon was floating out a tank. Then another spiritual symbol was floating our babies, The Bible, a book, or something, so a weapon,
a spiritual symbol, a weapon, a spiritual symbol like I. Many lifetimes as a warrior and a monk, a warrior monk like killing and slaughtering at. Oh, I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry,
and then it stopped it. It, it went on and on and on for quite a while suddenly stopped,
and that, so as if there was nothing nothing more to come and then I thought hope now that would be a good idea if I could get into it into myself, so in that experience, I let myself glide. It was possible to glide into the body, and I had the most profound personal experience of being present in as myself in myself, so to speak now if he would have interviewed me three days before, Hey Thomas Yacht,
and do you consider yourself a present guy present in your body I was. What you want to argue must be of course, because I didn’t know it, and and
after having experiences like that, I’m I’m becoming very humble because I think there’s always more possible, more and more presence, more being incarnated, more beings, The avoid, or so, I think we are on a journey which is never fully complete or perfect if you want, but leading us into greater and greater arenas of wholeness of holistic experiences, and and sometimes we toured, Claims were having a dreamworks, sometimes the meditation, sometimes and on our retreat or conference, and sometimes even as if by accident or by grace,
I love that I love that it cause Aku pants. Started my spiritual journey, my twenties, and now I’m a little bit. I look at it, and sometimes just like there is some tendencies going on that I that feel to me like the pharmaceutical marketing it. It’s like Oh, if you do this and that then you’d be perfect, but everything will be fine and to me it feels like like you said there’s always you can always go deeper and you’ll always find new layers of this onion of the heart, and like you said, there’s you know all the you know reincarnation over so many lifetimes, and somehow, if there’s something stored in the heart and the mind, wherever and all these layers, you know that we can peel them off, and then find that no true and true ourselves, and so I love that story, and I love that you say you believe there is no no ending. It always goes deeper. Yeah, I think if you are a very much attracted by the idea of perfection.
I, I have. I am very. I find that suspicious, so to speak, because I think of underlying as the idea of being imperfect and not being in love was imperfection. So why why don’t we start being in love with perfection and imperfection up and laugh ourselves in those in those states, so I worked, my choice would be to cultivate a deeper form of love even if you’re dysfunctional as he resists, and that, even if you’re short before dropping your ropes, or or if you’re just term, having won the gold medal, but in it’s
self, love arm is a deeper
deeper development, then on the idea of perfection,
and and that you say, even notice on the spiritual. Skills and abilities then we have the first we have to cultivate the heart
of offline. The sorry. That was be my idea. Yes, Yes, and that. In addition to this, I also, I think I read it in the books and what you said now and it’s about you know a lot of spiritual traditions about escaping the world. But maybe we should stop loving the world -first are loving the human experience, and maybe we have to become human first before we become something else
that to me that sounds so very true and virtually very touching, Because I think
a life
as a gift or a mystery is sometimes we cherish is not, and maybe enough because we forget that it’s just that that having existence. Such a huge grace and gift, so many spirits, like millions of spirits sucking this planet now just praying. I wouldn’t have a body. I want to have a body,
but Er, No sorry occupied
and added. We try to become spiritual by leaving the species as fast as we can. I think in in the work, I’m doing this and I differentiate between the first body which would be the form and the second body which would be your spiritual body. You may call it I. I just call it second body Because there are so many names. I don’t want to go into this name game, so if you learn that this is twofold as a form, and there’s a spirit form and emptiness
entangled forever and that you can.
Be present in one arena, be present in the other ones, and that healing and a lot of consciousness impulses come from that emptiness or spiritual arena, which is forever entangled was your form. Then you start to relax into something deeper, and you begin to cherish life as a journey of exploration of all of wonderment and and I think our mind always tries to understand to rationalize to functionalized, but the heart’s still has this ability to
to look at the world with the eyes of a child of magic child, and and cease that wonderment, and so I’m always looking for and techniques and tools which will remember and like human beings on on what it is and to fully live.
Everything you are, we are highly conditioned, and we need to
get rid of everything which are limits our selves in the end that way, and and my ideas set If you have a teaching in its based on three columns on love and truth, and on freedom, then it’s a good teaching than I’m willing to go. Wherever carries that a woman, a man or young person, an older person. If love and truth and freedom is present, I’m in if one of those is missing
out as fast as I can, so that’s my choice, and and maybe other people have other choices and say well, This is important for me, but for me it’s those three things, and when we cultivate it. If life becomes an adventure.
Yeah, thank you, you can believe it or not, but I also, I have the law, honor and freedom thing. I do. Then, Okay, what is the things we really need and I came to those three, which truth or honor is more or less the same.
Thank you so much summers that was really.
Nurturing and touching and very sweet,
Yeah, thank you, very much.
Yes, there anything you’d like I. I feel like this is a wonderful, wonderful and big here, and is there anything you’d like to add for me. It’s it’s beautiful. The way it is right now.
Well, we as teachers always have the tendency to promote our latest ideas and products. Please.
I don’t know whether we have time for that, but
right now I’m I’m the The theme I’m centering myself around is one which actually has not come through my work, but uh been introduced to it before I started my work, and and right now I’m Instructing hard to choose
people educate people who are teaching and doing a lot of work with other people, but before I was starting my work, I am dedicated a whole year to a process which I profoundly transformed my life at that point in time, and gave me the strength and the resources to do step out as a teacher, which for me was not easy
because I have a certain I had a certain shyness, awe or fear on, and all those things before starting,
and and I dedicated a whole year to a Native American Indian,
Ah, wisdom, teaching, coming out of the sister, it from the holy women, the elder women of the tribes. And it’s called the certain original clan mothers by Jamie Sams. I don’t know whether you know her. She died two years ago, while she was a very respected elder, and she worked was lot of all Native American Indian tribes. She found it organizations to help or misused women she was working was Nelson Mandela, When when they they have this indigenous tribes and the, in order not to, in order to keep the stories of the tribes life, and end, a very highly revered from myself, though soul, great soul, I would say, and she Ah, assembled together this teachings of the tribes, which had been orally transmitted
through the centuries in Ah, but healing in the medicine, as lodges of the women of a certain. Original clan mothers, and am I made it possible that we now have translated that book into German,
and this is something I, Where my. My heart is on fire. Right now. Who’s I will do another year was a lot of people together and go through this process again and the idea that I set you connect yourself with the the qualities of one of those have of twelve clan mothers, though the Yes, thirteen moon cycles, each moon cycle, one clan mother, and and you cultivate the gifts that Strang says of those twelve, and only then the thirteenth one which is called becomes her vision is able to incarnate that we here, we are again the condition to incarnate and come to earth. And I found I, I find that so profound that you have to have twelve different steps and gifts and qualities, and only then the vision is strong enough to or strengthened enough or to become manifest, and and that’s what I will do next year and I. I just wanna spread it out. I liked that idea. Know right now we are doing it for German speaking audience, as as a whole year program, which we and where guide online was all sorts of things, meditation sessions, surprises online, calls and soul in German, Okay, Well, we can definitely highlight that and bring awareness to that, And if you ever, you know of that for an English speaking people as well, then let us know and and we spread it out to that one. He could figure it will come out in English. In the short time that is a training cause for
the healing capacities of the heart perfect, then we definitely share this with the audit. Yeah, Thank you, Yes, thank you very much,
very much of Britain was someone there was wonderful we can get yet, So there’s always I think we we could go on and on, But yes, she then read me Make a break now and stop it here and thank you very very much Thomas again By having you and your wisdom and your hot knowledge with us. I think it’s such an important role in this time, and especially like getting more down to Earth and into the body ended up in the sky.
All the best to you guys, thank you, know.