What does the crown chakra do?

Your crown chakra is the gateway to pure consciousness. It’s the doorway to your spiritual connection and divine energy. It’s the realm of thought, ideas, imagination, and inspiration, and is where you experience awareness itself.

The seventh chakra, located at the top of your head, your crown, is connected to your brain, central nervous system, and pineal gland, which regulates biological cycles. So its energy directly affects your entire physical body, while also acting as the doorway to your energy body.

A balanced crown chakra allows you to interact with the pieces of you that are beyond your conscious awareness and physical senses, like your higher self, spirit guides, angels, and all the spiritual energy in the etheric realm.

crown chakra symbol flower collage art
[Chakra collage art illustration from The Heart Revolution by Benedikt Just]

How do you know when your crown chakra is open?

When you have a healthy crown chakra, one that’s open and receiving divine energy from your higher consciousness, you experience a sense of faith, trust, and understanding. You feel guided and in tune with the world around you. Your spiritual awareness is heightened and the insights, great ideas, and inspiration flow easily.

An open crown chakra helps you feel more connected to everything and everyone. You can take in wide-ranging points of view with consideration, rather than judgment. You’re more open-minded, non-dogmatic, and understanding. You find feathers and coins and see birds that remind you of your grandma and feel a sense of connection with the universal consciousness.

Crown chakra opening often feels like a buzzing or tingling sensation at the top of your head, or a sense of lightness and lift. I always know I’m “plugged in” to my crown chakra when I feel that tingle- it’s literally electric. 

How do you know if you have a blocked crown chakra?

If you have a blocked crown chakra, your connection to that high-consciousness, divine energy here to support you is essentially cut off. This can leave you feeling very low, depressed, and disconnected, suffering a loss of hope and faith, losing trust in others and yourself.

You can become extremely materially focused, connected only to the physical world, your body, your mind, and things that can be “proven” by physical means while disbelieving or denying extra-sensory and energetic information.

An underactive crown chakra is the land of denial, disbelief, and dogma. You can become close-minded, stuck, aggressively opinionated with no understanding of other points of view.

A crown chakra imbalance can create blocks and poor functioning for your entire chakra system. That’s why it’s so important to practice crown chakra opening techniques, to empower and enliven your entire being.

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Methods for crown chakra healing

There are many ways to approach crown chakra well-being and it can be a fun way to deepen the relationship you have with self. The path to healing offers a powerful connection with the Divine and often trickles into healing other chakras in the body.


The best and simplest (yet often hardest for many of us) way to open your crown chakra is through meditation.

It doesn’t have to be anything formal, you don’t need a meditation cushion or an altar, don’t make it into a big deal. Just give yourself at least a precious few minutes a day to sit with your body, mind, and heart and see what’s going on in there!

Meditation is much less about “clearing your mind” and much more about simply observing what thoughts are in there, bringing awareness to them. Bringing awareness to the emotions you’re holding and where you feel them in your body. Bringing awareness to the aches, pains, tingles, itches, and sensations in your body. 

Awareness itself is the best tool for healing your crown chakra and developing its strength. It’s the key that unlocks the door to all that divine energy you can use to support your life.

Listening to a guided crown chakra meditation can also be super helpful. Look for those that utilize crown chakra healing frequencies, or ones that help connect you to your spirit guides, angels, or higher self, as those all help you connect to your crown chakra power.

crown chakra flower ancient egypt spiritual art
[Chakra collage art illustration from The Heart Revolution by Benedikt Just]

Crown chakra stones

Crystals can also be amazing crown chakra healing tools, and meditation aids. Amethyst, purple fluorite, selenite, and clear quartz are some of the best stones to connect with the violet and white colors of the crown chakra and help bring it into balance.

You can also wear a bracelet made with crown chakra crystals throughout the day to stay open and connected. I’d recommend one with a mix of crown chakra stones and root chakra stones to help keep you grounded and your whole system balanced.

Crown chakra yoga poses

It might seem counterintuitive, but getting in touch with your physical body through movement is a great way to get out of your rational, thinking brain and open up to the flow of spiritual energy that comes in through the crown chakra.

Yoga poses that bring blood and circulation into the head and spine are excellent to help with crown chakra opening and clearing out any blocks. Think cat/cow pose, down dog, legs up the wall, headstands, shoulder stands, and forward bends.

woman chakra points collage art energy field
[Chakra collage art illustration from The Heart Revolution by Benedikt Just]

Can you have an overactive crown chakra?

You know you’ve veered into overactive crown chakra territory when you’re identifying so much with the “spirit” world that you can tend to neglect or even deny many aspects of the physical world. Think of monks who are so focused on spiritual enlightenment they eat one grain of rice a day and live off the breath of the sun, almost living beyond materiality itself. That’s an overactive crown chakra, and an extreme most of us will never experience.

You’ve likely ventured into very wide-open crown chakra moments before when you’ve experienced such presence and joy that you forget what time it is, where you are, and any concern for your human needs as you’re just enraptured in pure bliss. Think passion projects that fuel you into the wee morning hours, orgasms, and really yummy desserts.

But those moments are few and far between, and in general in our world today we’re suffering from such the opposite extreme, a widespread fog of blocked crown chakras spreading over humanity, that getting to the point of an overactive crown chakra is not something I feel is a concern at our current level of consciousness.

In fact, I think what the world needs now is a whole lot more people who are working to open their crown chakras and connect to universal consciousness, in order to support a future for humanity that can truly come together as one.

So, it’s time to get quiet and still, meditate, grab your amethyst, do a forward bend, and re-connect to the incredible divine wisdom that’s already flowing within you through the powerful portal of your crown chakra.

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