Most of us in today’s society who are going from one building to another, wearing shoes, surrounded by electromagnetic fields from every direction, are thoroughly ungrounded.

We are disconnected from the very earth beneath our feet, and this connection is what supports our root chakra.

If your root chakra isn’t supported, you too will feel unsupported, insecure, and unsafe. You can’t have open, flowing energy in your 1st chakra if you’re not energetically grounded. So, that’s always the best place to start!

A healing stone can be a wonderfully simple tool to help you ground your energy, and reconnect with the powerful, natural healing fields of our earth.

We’re going to look at some of the best root chakra healing crystals to help you feel strong, supported, and unstoppable!

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What is the root chakra?

The root chakra is the base of our energetic system, our 1st chakra, located at the base of the spine or cervix. It’s the base chakra that fuels and supports the entire chakra system, and is what connects us to this physical, material world we’re in. 

Root chakra energy relates to all of our physical and material needs for survival. Think food, shelter, water, money, a basis of health and strength, a sense of security, and belonging to one’s tribe.

All the foundational human necessities that we can often take for granted, or slip into stress about when we don’t have enough of them, are governed by our root chakra.

What causes a root chakra imbalance?

Whenever we’re in fear or stress, when our adrenals are triggered into fight/flight/freeze mode, we are in a state of survival. In that moment of stress, your root chakra energy pulls up its anchor to the earth to allow you to move, go, run, and be flexible. It sends all the vital energy you need to your blood, muscles, and hormonal responses, to help your body do what it needs to do to evade the threat.

But after the stressful event is over, if you don’t take time to return back to baseline, re-ground your energy, and reconnect with the earth, your energy flow will be impeded, and that feeling of struggle stays with you. This is when a root chakra imbalance occurs.

This can also happen when you experience a constant, lingering, underlying stress on a daily basis (anyone?) where over time, you develop a blocked root chakra, and it feels like your struggles around all those material needs only get harder and harder.

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A root chakra imbalance can also occur from a more emotional standpoint, through childhood trauma and neglect, feeling like you don’t fit in, or like you aren’t accepted or understood by those around you.

We also bring the root chakra imbalance into our adulthood from past childhood experiences or inherited from ancestral lineage and DNA, even from past lives.

All of these parts of who we were before this moment in time are linked to our root chakra. So emotional healing practices, shadow work, and trauma relief practices can be vital in creating a balanced root chakra. Finding the right healing crystal for you can be a wonderful tool to help with all of that!

8 root chakra healing stones

Here are 8 of the best root chakra stones to help you release fear and stress, to work through past traumas and struggles, to lift you out of feelings of lack, hopelessness, and depression, and get you feeling secure, balanced, supported, and like you have everything you need to create everything you want in life!

Black tourmaline

A very powerful root chakra healing crystal to start with is black tourmaline, which acts like a sponge to absorb heavy, dense, icky energy from your entire chakra system.

It can help heal and open a blocked root chakra, grounding its energy back into the earth so it can release toxic emotions and all the negative energy you’re holding that doesn’t belong to you.

It’s can be intense in its energy, to use during the hardest, darkest most intense feelings you experience. You can simply hold it in your hand as you meditate (or scream, or cry, or journal) and imagine all the negative energy being sucked out of your body and psyche, into the black tourmaline stone. 

It’s also a powerfully protective stone, to secure your aura with an energetic boundary of don’t-eff-with-me. A must-have healing crystal for empaths who tend to absorb too much emotional energy from the world around them, it will act as a barrier to shield your aura and keep you feeling like yourself. 

Wear or carry it when you’re in crowded public spaces, when you have to have a hard conversation with someone, or anytime you feel you’re carrying the weight of too many emotions.

Because it’s such a powerful absorber of bad vibes, it needs very frequent, intentional clearing. After you work with it, lay it on a piece of selenite, in the dirt, or out in the moonlight for a night to cleanse and restore its energy before you use it again.


Another one of the most vital black stones for root chakra healing, obsidian is a more gentle grounding stone that works well to help clear emotional overwhelm in the root chakra.

When you’re feeling helpless, low, depressed, or stressed out, holding obsidian and taking some deep breaths can ground you back into your body and into the present moment, while helping to clear and release the heavy, dense, toxic emotions.

Obsidian is one of my favorite stones for chakra balancing, as it’s a combination of all the elements—earth, fire, water, and air—to help bring a balance of elements within your own energetic system.

When you’re too watery with emotions, too fiery with rage, too stuck in the material world, or flying away with your thoughts, obsidian offers balance and perspective to help you release all that’s throwing you off.

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[Chakra collage art illustration from The Heart Revolution by Benedikt Just]


Hematite is like the high priestess energy of the tarot meets the grounded yin energy of the earth. Its energy is feminine and strong, protective and nurturing, knowing and wise, making it an excellent root chakra healing stone.

When you’re feeling spun out, emotionally overwhelmed, or imbalanced in any way, hematite is the grounding stone that will bring you back in alignment with your quiet strength and power, with a sense of security and grounded knowingness.

When you feel overly in your masculine qualities and are go-go-going until you burn yourself out, hematite will be the cradle to catch you and bring you back into balance gently and calmly. 

Its reflective metallic sheen helps you reflect on yourself, tune into your intuition and give support to your emotional body.

Hematite is a healing crystal of calm surrender and empowered self-knowledge. It can support you in staying connected to your human self as you also learn to dive deeper into your spirit self.

I often think of hematite as an anchor, as a tether back to your supportive root chakra connection with the earth, whenever that feels lost.

My favorite thing to do with hematite is to rub tumbled stones on the bottom of my feet as a grounding practice or place them under my feet during a seated meditation to really anchor into the earth’s power and support.   

Smokey quartz

Smokey quartz is like the sweeper that comes in and cleans up all the icky energy from your entire system in the swiftest way possible.

It then shoots all that mucky energy down and out your grounding cord, through your root chakra, back into the earth to be composted.

Smokey quartz energy is sharp and direct via the clear quartz qualities it contains, while also being tethered to the earth via its dark brown hue.

I almost always wear a smoky quartz point necklace when I’m performing energy clearing sessions to direct any negative energy that gets released straight back down into the earth.

This root chakra stone is also an empath’s friend, to help deflect and transmute any negative energy that comes into your field back down into the earth.

Wear or carry one when you’re in crowds, doing anything out of your comfort zone, are feeling under the weather, or full of ick.

Imagine it clearing all that energy out and guiding it swiftly down and out your open root chakra, down your grounding cord, back into mama earth’s loving arms.

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[Chakra collage art illustration from The Heart Revolution by Benedikt Just]

Red Jasper

Okay, so I might have a slight affinity for this healing stone as I named my child Jasper after it, and carried one with me during my entire pregnancy. 

There are many different types of Jasper and in general, they carry very nurturing, calming, and grounding energy. Red Jasper, in particular, is a great root chakra healing stone, as it offers a quiet strength, an affirmation of belonging, a sense of courage, and support from within.

Red jasper is a stone that will shake up your chi, move the blood, and help your energy flow freely.

It connects you back to the ever-abundance and support that nature offers, and reminds you of your own strength, resilience, and fortitude simply by being a part of that natural world. 

When you’re exhausted or apathetic, unmotivated or unsure, red jasper brings endurance, a steady momentum, and a boost of physical energy to get you grounded into the here and now, and moving towards all your want to be, do and have in this world.

It’s a gentle encourager and confidence booster. Wear or carry one while you’re working out, when you need a boost of courage or calm assurance for the day.

Tiger’s Eye

When you want that eye of the tiger Rocky-style energy to conquer your goals and manifest your reality, tiger’s eye is the healing stone for you. 

It’s that go-get-’em, you got this, can-do energy you need whenever you’re feeling low, lost, or stuck.

In its shimmery golden brown tones, tiger’s eye stimulates the root chakra’s grounding power as well as the solar plexus chakra’s confidence. It’s like a light in the tunnel when you’re feeling stuck in dark emotions or thoughts.

It has a very masculine, yang energy, great for when you feel ungrounded, overly floaty, or carried away with emotions.

It can help you see around the blocks and barriers, help lift you out of the doldrums, and support you in taking action in the real world towards what you want to create in your life.

Wearing a tiger’s eye chakra bracelet or carrying a tumbled stone in your bra or pocket is one of the best ways for its energy to affect your field and keep you surrounded by protective, golden light all day long!

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One of the most powerful root chakra healing crystals, in a deep dark red, garnet is a stone of fierce power and staking your claim in the world.

It’s a wonderful chakra healing stone for women especially, to help you connect with the deep, powerful wisdom you contain in your bones, in your blood, in your DNA.

It is an empowering healing crystal full of strength, tenacity, and vigor, for when you need to stand firm in who you are, support yourself from within, and have the courage to tackle anything that comes your way. 

Garnet is a stone you can lean on when you’re depressed, overwhelmed, or just plain over it, to help you reconnect with the life force energy deep within you that is bold, alive, and resilient. 

It’s also a great crystal to use or give in long-term romantic relationships, to encourage a steady strength of support for one another.

Its energy works with the unconscious levels of the self, with the root of who you are, affirming your place in the world and the power that you hold. 

sacral chakra symbol couple in love collage art
[Chakra collage art illustration from The Heart Revolution by Benedikt Just]


Another gorgeous red stone of empowerment, ruby is a beautiful shadow diving stone to help you heal past trauma and pain that can often create a blocked root chakra.

Ruby helps connect you with the deepest parts of yourself – your inner child, your subconscious beliefs, your ancestral lineage, even your past soul’s lives.

Work with it to help you reveal and heal all the unconscious energy of trauma, struggle, and pain that you’ve inherited or experienced in your past, to release and transmute it for good.

It’s an excellent crystal to meditate with to help empower a balanced root chakra that is open and engaged with the earth beneath your feet. Use ruby when you feel weak, unsure, unsupported, or unstable.  

You can place a raw ruby stone at your root chakra or simply hold one in your hand and breathe. Imagine your energetic roots running deep beneath your feet and into the earth, fully supported by the deep dark unknown.

There is nothing to fear when you have ruby by your side to help you dive into the inner darkness of your own psyche, to transmute the stuck energy, and help you see how all the struggles have brought you more into the truth of who you are. 

These were 8 of my favorite stones to use for root chakra healing, but there are many more stones out there that can work!

To choose which healing crystal is right for you, see which ones leap out and grab your attention. Which ones call to you? Which ones do you want to reach out and grab?

Let your brain take a backseat when it comes to choosing the right root chakra healing crystal for you, and allow your body to guide you to which ones will bring you the most balance.

And remember, even as you may use these healing stones to help you work through deep-seated emotional root chakra wounding, have fun with it! Don’t take it so seriously! Use your imagination! You are just playing with rocks, after all 🙂

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