Simple chakra healing for more balance in daily life

When you feel off, imbalanced, or just not like yourself, chakra healing can be an incredible tool to help you come back to YOU.

A chakra is an energy center within your body that receives, releases, moves, and processes energy throughout your whole system.

When they are balanced and flowing, they are moving and processing energy in a healthy way, allowing you to receive joy and love and all the good stuff, and release excess emotional energy with more ease.

When you have a chakra blockage, however, the energy can get stagnant, stuck, becoming heavy and burdensome, and affecting your physical body This can present itself as illness or injury, as deficiency or toxicity, as chronic or sudden onset pain.

All the physical world is created first energetically, so when you address things on an energetic level, such as through chakra healing, you’re addressing their root cause.

And when you can clear and release the energetic root cause of the blocks within you, you can transform how your energy is manifest into the world, creating more balance, peace, love, and true health!

sacral chakra symbol lovers flower collage art
[Chakra collage art illustration from The Heart Revolution by Benedikt Just]

How do chakras get blocked in the first place?

This happens on an energetic, emotional level, beneath your conscious awareness.

Chakras can get blocked from big traumas and pain, and also from those tiny little moments where you swallow your truth or dim your own light in order to conform to someone else’s values or ideas.

Think of a balanced chakra system as being representative of the TRUE YOU, and a blocked or imbalanced chakra system as NOT YOU.

So when you have a blocked chakra, you’re not you. You’re not your most energetic and creative self. You’re not your most thriving and delighted self. You’re not your most real and honest and authentic self. You’re not your most loving, grateful, accepting self.

Instead, you’re exhausted and tired, angry and frustrated, in a state of never-enough. You feel like you’re struggling, like life keeps throwing you around, like you can’t find your ground.

These are all signs that your chakras are blocked.

root chakra symbol woman leaning on tree

Are your 7 chakras balanced or blocked?

Root chakra

Felt at the base of your spine, or opening of your cervix, a balanced root chakra brings you a sense of stability, self-assuredness, and safety. You feel like you belong, are grounded, connected to nature and to your literal and figurative roots.

A blocked root chakra can leave you feeling unsafe, unsure, in fight, flight, or freeze mode, over-stressed and worried about having your basic needs met. This can manifest physically as lower back, leg or foot pain, adrenal fatigue, bone or skeletal issues, and lymph system blockages.

Sacral chakra

In your lower abdomen below the belly button, the sacral chakra is your creative womb space and where you receive and store emotional energy. When it’s balanced, you feel pleasure and delight in all your senses, you’re connected to your passion, abundance, and feel in the flow.

A blocked sacral chakra is often holding onto guilt, shame and blame. It leads to overwhelm, emotional imbalance, and can feel like your energy is being sucked dry from all the people and things in your life. Physically, blocks can show up as issues with your reproductive system, hormonal balance, bladder, kidneys, hips, or low back.

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Solar plexus chakra

In your upper abdomen, just below where your ribs meet, is where your solar plexus chakra is found. When it’s balanced, you feel self-empowered, motivated, and driven. You’re able to take action and manifest your ideas into form. It’s all about confidence, radiance, and shining your inner light!

A blocked solar plexus chakra feels like squashed ambition, no oomph. It’s like a dark cloud shrouded over your inner sun. It can feel very fiery, aggressive, full of anger, rage, and frustration. You may doubt yourself, suffer from self-esteem issues and procrastination. In your physical body, it can create issues with your liver, stomach, and digestive system, intestines, pancreas, muscular system, and skin.

Heart chakra

Your heart chakra (maybe our favorite one here at THR) lives in the center of your chest and is all about harmony and integration. It’s the balance point between upper and lower chakras, between heaven and Earth, between self and other. It’s where you find acceptance, love, compassion, and connection with all of life around you, with an open and balanced heart chakra.

chakra crystal young man collage art
[Chakra collage art illustration from The Heart Revolution by Benedikt Just]

A blocked heart chakra feels like you’re disconnected, unloved, lonely. It can become blocked by grief, jealousy, judgment, hate, and emotional pain. It can feel sour, cold, and withdrawn, unforgiving, and defensive. This can lead to problems with your physical heart and circulatory system, with your lungs and upper respiratory system, and thymus gland, which regulates your immune system._ (Hmm… anyone else think our world is in a bit of a heart chakra crisis at the moment?)_

Throat chakra

Your throat chakra is where expression lives inside you, right in the crook of your collarbone. When balanced, you feel clear and confident in your communication, you’re expressive and authentic, you feel seen and heard, and you’re true to your word.

When your throat chakra is blocked, you may feel stifled and inhibited, anxious and insecure, or overly talk-talk-talking and unable to listen. There can be fear of judgment and a sense of distrust. Your speech can become rude, critical, or manipulative. Physically, it can show up as a thyroid imbalance or issues with the throat, voice, jaw, teeth, tongue, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, ears, and sinuses.

crown chakra symbol geometry collage art
[Chakra collage art illustration from The Heart Revolution by Benedikt Just]

Third eye chakra

Your third eye chakra, in the center of your forehead, is home to your perception, intuition, imagination, and belief system. When balanced, it’s open and discerning, steeped in wisdom and a higher perspective; it’s attentive, aware, and insightful.

A blocked third eye chakra can feel very confusing and cloudy. Your monkey mind is rampant, and it’s hard to tune into the subtlety of your intuition. You can be distracted, dogmatic, skeptical, and judgemental. Physically, it can show up as headaches, insomnia or nightmares, issues with your eyes and sinuses, or affect your pituitary gland, which helps regulate many functions of your body, including your hormones, skin, energy, and mood.

Crown chakra

Your crown chakra is your connection to your highest self, to the Spirit world, and the oneness that unites us all. A balanced crown is filled with faith, insight, and inspiration. You feel alive, guided, blissful, and fulfilled. You’re open to all possibilities and all ways of seeing the world, with peace as a guiding force in your life.

A blocked crown chakra will rob your faith, steal your hope, leave you feeling lost, bitter and depressed. You may feel disconnected and cynical, be flakey or close-minded. It can also show up as allegiance to all things material and denial of the spiritual world. A blockage here basically affects your entire physical body via its connection to your brain, spinal cord, nervous system, and pineal gland, which regulates your biological cycles.

third eye chakra symbol with flower and map
[Chakra collage art illustration from The Heart Revolution by Benedikt Just]

How do you unblock your chakras?

Once you’ve identified where some of your chakra blocks may be hiding, then you can start working with them to create more balance. Here are a few of the simplest ways to bring chakra healing to your everyday life:

Reiki and energy healing

Reiki is a spiritual healing method that channels Universal life force energy through your hands, and into your energy body. It works innately to bring your chakras back into balance, clearing heavy, stuck, and negative energy and bringing in new vital energy in its place.

You don’t have to be a reiki practitioner or go see one in order to benefit from a reiki healing, though. As a reiki master myself, I realized that I had already been channeling this healing energy through my hands my whole life, and that it’s inherently accessible to ALL of us without needing a “certification” to tell us we can use it.

Reiki energy is your own vital essence, your qi, your life force energy, and it’s yours to use to help you heal yourself.

To start playing with it, try rubbing your palms together briskly until they feel hot, and then place your hands over your body in the areas of the specific chakras you’d like to work with.

Just hold them there for a few minutes and breathe. Imagine pure, golden, positive energy and light entering your crown, running down through your hands and into your chakras.

Use your imagination, your inner vision. Talk to your chakras, your guides, your highest self. Your consciousness is listening, and it understands.

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Chakra balancing stones

Crystals and healing stones are some of the Earth’s best gifts ever given to humans. I truly believe they are conscious entities here to help us, and all of Earth’s inhabitants, live in a more balanced way.

Crystals can help to balance your chakras by attuning them to a different energetic resonance. When you place healing stones on or near any of your chakras, they emit their unique vibrational frequency into your energy body and can help tune it like the strings of a guitar.

You can use the color associated with each chakra as a beginning guide to which stones may bring benefit, but trusting your own gut instinct and attraction to certain crystals is my favorite way to use them.

I use healing crystals intuitively during my energy healing sessions with clients, placing different stones in different areas of the body based entirely on what my hand reaches for at that moment. I don’t second guess. I don’t think about it too much. Your intuition knows better than your conscious mind does, and it will help you choose the right crystals for you—if you let it.

Chakra healing meditation

Chakra healing often happens most effectively when you’re in a peaceful state. The more you can relax, breathe and calm your senses, the more you can tap into the subtle energies where your chakras live.

That’s why a chakra healing meditation can be so powerfully effective. There are tons of guided chakra meditations online, and through many apps, that can lead you through specific chakra healing practices or utilize frequency tones to stimulate certain chakra energies.

You can also combine energy healing and crystal healing with meditation for the ultimate energetic self-care. This is most often what I’ll do at home when I’m feeling all funked up and need a full-body chakra healing.

I’ll lay on the bed, or outside under the maple tree, place crystals on and around my body as my intuition guides me, and either listen to a guided meditation or let my imagination guide me, as I focus on releasing whatever is NOT ME from all my chakras, and bringing more and more of my TRUE ME-ness in with each breath.

Chakra healing is a wonderfully simple and effective way to help you remove all the energy, ideas, emotions, thoughts, and subconscious patterning that is NOT YOU, and return you to a state of innate balance and TRUE YOUness.

That’s why it’s so vitally important to give more love and attention to your energy body. Use your chakra system as the practical tool it is to help you create more balance.

Chakra healing is not just woo-woo stuff for spiritual-type people. This is life-changing, richly rewarding, I-wish-all-humans-would-do-it type work that could actually help heal our whole world, from the inside out!

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