Healing crystals are one of the simplest and most helpful tools for working through heavy emotions in your heart space. They can help you clear through grief and pain, to mend what’s broken, forgive the past and heal your wounds.

Heart chakra stones can create a flow of energy throughout your heart that carries into your whole body, spreading the frequency of balance, harmony, and unconditional love into everything you do. 

How do you know if your heart chakra is open?

You’ve experienced an open heart chakra in those moments when you feel so in love and filled up by life, opened up from the inside out, warm and fuzzy in your chest.

A balanced heart chakra is loving, compassionate, patient, and kind. It forgives and accepts. It sees all sides of a situation without judgment. 

An open heart chakra fosters and encourages love, understanding, and a strong connection between all of consciousness.

The heart space, or Anahata chakra, is the place where we unite with another being, where we can see one another’s soul rather than their ego or mind.

This is one of the many benefits of having an open heart chakra, in that it helps us see ourselves within the other, to find empathy and compassion, and release judgment and shame.

As the 4th chakra, it is the center point of balance in our bodies. When it is open, it is like a meeting place where we all have the potential to connect simply as humans, as conscious beings, despite our many differences.

If we all had open heart chakras, our world would be an entirely different place right now.

heart chakra symbol flower collage art
[Chakra collage art illustration from The Heart Revolution by Benedikt Just]

How to know if your heart chakra is blocked?

A blocked heart chakra, as you may have surmised, is quite the opposite of what an open, flowing heart chakra feels like, and is actually what most of us humans are dealing with.  

The energy that creates a blocked heart chakra is often one of sadness, grief, and pain.

Anytime you’ve felt any negative feeling in relation to someone else—jealousy, scorn, judgment, rage, shame, or guilt to name a few—If it doesn’t get felt and expressed at that moment, it can often become a little block in the heart space.

And all those little moments of swallowed pain pile up and become a big block that starts to affect our ability to feel loved, to feel received and accepted by others, and to give love out to the world. 

A blocked heart chakra often is rooted in a lack of self-love caused by all those subconscious, programmed, and painful experiences of your past that caused you to believe you’re not worthy of love in some way.

You are worthy of love, and you can help release those false beliefs, heartbreaks, and sadness in your heart. Working with a heart chakra crystal is one way to start!

Why use heart chakra stones and crystals?

Working with heart chakra stones and crystals can be a catalyzing and powerful way to release blockages in the heart chakra and come back into a place of balance within your heart. 

Stones work with us on subconscious and energetic levels to create emotional healing. They can absorb, transmute, clear, heal, repair, and amplify different energies, helping you address the subtle, deep, unconscious wounding you may be holding in your 4th chakra.

Let’s take a look at some of the best healing stones to work with to create a balanced heart chakra!

7 Powerful heart chakra healing stones

Watermelon Tourmaline

The colors of the heart chakra are green and pink, and I love watermelon tourmaline because it includes both, often with a stunning pink center and a green outer “rind.”

Tourmaline stones resonate deeply with earth energies. Every time I envision connecting my root chakra down into the heart of the earth, I see it as a big, beautiful watermelon tourmaline.

It’s a powerfully grounding and strong healing crystal. It’s a great clearer of negative energy, incredibly useful for working with heavy, stuck emotions in the heart chakra.

It’s a stone that will help you release old, toxic emotions, find perspective, and get more juiciness out of life. 

woman chakra points collage art energy field
[Chakra collage art illustration from The Heart Revolution by Benedikt Just]


Garnet, in its blood-red, carries energy like the pulse that beats through your heart and entire body. It’s a grounding stone of power, to help you reconnect with your most vital self.

As a heart chakra healing stone, it will help strengthen your conviction in yourself, enhance your confidence and courage, and bring out your fierce warrior spirit when you need to make some big heart-led decisions in your life.

It’s a gemstone that moves the blood and gets your chi flowing, that helps you reconnect with your body when you’re overly emotional or too in your head.

It’ll give you the strength and stamina to keep moving forward towards all your heart’s desires and help you release the subconscious beliefs and old ways of being that have held you back in the past. 


Green jade is a precious stone to help you see all the abundance that life has to offer you. It helps you reconnect with joy, vibrance, and life-giving fertile energy.

As a heart chakra healing stone, it’s a perspective shifter and heart lifter when you’re dealing with heavy, low, or very intense emotions. It’ll be the strong, smiling mama to cradle you in her arms while you cry, laugh, scream, and emote it all out.

It’s a healing crystal of acceptance, beauty, harmony, and nature’s bounty, great to work with whenever you’re feeling like you’re not enough, or not worthy of love and abundance.

It offers protective healing energy for the heart chakra, especially when worn or held over your heart space. It can help you stop and smell the roses and breathe in all the beauty that is right here for you, right in this moment.


Emerald is an excellent detoxification stone for clearing out painful, toxic emotions, and for helping you acknowledge and release toxic relationships and old habits.

It’s a stone of royalty, grace, and confidence, of wealth, health, and abundance.

It’s the healing stone to turn to when you want to clear a heavy heart space, or are ready to stake your claim in what your heart desires and deserves.

You can find inexpensive raw tumbled emerald stones or tiny pieces to work with, you don’t need to break the bank to work with this powerfully healing crystal.

It’s an excellent stone to make healing crystal elixirs with to aid in physical, mental, and emotional detoxification. It’s also a great stone for relationships, to help set them on a firm foundation of trust, loyalty, and strength in union.

Rose quartz

One of the most popular and well-known heart chakra stones, and for good reason, is rose quartz.

This is a pink stone with the power to cut through the muck and trauma and pain, with soft hands to help catch you and lay you down gently.

It’s a cushion, a relief, an emotional comfort. Work with it as you’re moving through any negative emotions, especially around your own self-worth and self-esteem, and it can help you see the beauty and power that lies within you, even when you don’t think it exists.

Rose quartz is like a soft hug, a gentle encourager, with the spirit of “you can do it!” This is a wonderful healing stone to wear or carry with you throughout the day to let its energy blanket your whole energy field with pink clouds of loving vibrations.

flower and sacred geometry


Another green stone to bring vitality and harmony to your 4th chakra is aventurine.

I always think of this as the healing crystal you want for “adventuring” in life, whether it’s a physical journey you want to take, a new experience you want to have, or an adventure into the depths of your own heart and soul to see what’s in there.

Aventurine is a stone of confidence and fun, it’s happy and inspiring, it wants you to feel joy and life and vitality in every moment.

Its heart healing energy helps bring in new perspectives and new experiences when you’re feeling sad, lonely, isolated, or down.

Wearing an aventurine chakra bracelet is a good way to be in its vibrant, life-affirming energy all day long.


A more rare green stone, but still one you can easily find tumbled or beaded for jewelry, is prehnite.

This is a foggy sea-green hued healing crystal that helps you see between the lines of physical and etheric realities, connecting you more powerfully to a sense of spirit, and your heart’s connection with all that is.

It’s a heart chakra stone of spiritual energy, to enhance the intuitive knowing that lies in your heart space, to help you trust your hunches and believe in the unseen support that is all around you.

Prehnite’s healing energy can help lift you into a higher consciousness to see beyond the confines of “real world” problems and dilemmas that are weighing on your heart, so you can find novel ways of thinking about things, moving forward through situations, and breaking through the barriers that have held you back in the past. 

young man at waterfall with emerald crystal stone


Try working with any of these heart chakra healing crystals as you journal through heavy emotions, as you work through grief and trauma from past pains, as you’re dealing with a sense of loneliness or heartbreak, or anytime you want to help clear and open your heart.

You can also pair them with some heart chakra affirmations, or hold them up to your chest while you do a heart chakra meditation, envisioning your heart opening wider and wider and clearing out all the old debris.

Or try holding a heart chakra crystal in one hand as you tap on your thymus gland, in the center of your chest, with the other hand. This can help wake up and clear up any stuck and stagnant emotional energy in your heart chakra, and also aids in moving the chi and keeping your immune system strong.

You can heal and bring harmony to your heart chakra by working with these powerful healing crystals! Let your heart truly be the guide in helping you choose which healing crystals are the best for you to work with on your heart chakra healing journey.

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