The chakra system is a way to look at the subtle aspects of our body from ancient India. Traditionally the main chakras are the root chakra, sacral chakra, navel chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye, and crown chakra. They can become imbalanced and there are different ways to use meditation, yoga, healing stones, and other modalities to free up chakra blockages.

The second chakra, your sacral chakra governs your creativity, passion, and flow of vital life force. It receives, stores, processes and sends out emotional energy all day long and is where you feel urges, gut-hunches, and deep soul desires.

It’s the energy center where you can tap into your body’s intuitive wisdom and clairsentience, to figure out what will bring you the pleasure and fulfillment you so deserve to experience in this life. 

A problem can occur though when we so generously pour our cup of life force energy into all the other people and things in our life, without refilling it back up, through self-care, creativity, pleasure, and play. 

All the obligations, tasks, to-dos, work, and worries start to drain us. We feel like an emotional sponge sopping up everybody else’s moods. We get overwhelmed, are triggered easily, and eventually become exhausted, sucked dry, with no juice left to give to anyone or anything.

This is what a blocked sacral chakra feels like, and when left unbalanced, that’s when depression, fatigue, guilt, resentment, and shame set in. You’re either drowning in feelings or feel completely empty, ping-ponging between extremes.

I know this all from personal experience of burning myself out time and time again by pouring all my energy into all the people and things and not refilling my own well. I felt drained, hypersensitive, and over-emotional. It became obvious I was not steering the ship of my life, and I didn’t know how to get back on course.

It was not a coincidence that I dove headfirst into reiki, energy work, and crystal healing during my own dark night of the soul. These are the things that helped me work through all the shadows, regrets, shame, pain, and blame I was holding in my sacral chakra so that I could finally discover what I truly wanted for my life and how to integrate my creative passions into my work in the world.

My most fundamental creative passion became my own healing journey, and crystals have been a steady anchor along that journey to help me peel back the layers and uncover my true self, more and more.

So if you’re craving more emotional balance in your life, if you feel like you’ve lost your zest or creativity, if you’re over-worked, overwhelmed, and running on empty, working with sacral chakra stones could really help you with an imbalanced sacral chakra!

How do you balance the sacral chakra with chakra stones?

Sacral chakra stones and crystals are some of the most helpful tools for tweaking your chakra system, as they work on the same etheric level as one another.

Crystals emit a subtle, steady, and stable frequency of energy that has a resonant effect on our own energy field. This means they can help tune our energy like a violin, to make it match their own unique vibrational chord. So when your sacral chakra is blocked or unbalanced, a chakra stone can be the perfect tool to help bring it back into a state of harmony.

A chakra healing stone or chakra crystal is simply a crystal that resonates specifically with a chakra’s energy. A sacral chakra crystal can help you release negative energy, restore vitality and bring in more emotional balance.
As the second chakra, vibrating with the color orange, an orange stone is a natural fit to be used as sacral chakra stones to help bring in more vibrance, creativity, and vitality. 

Many blue stones, as orange’s complementary color in the spectrum, also have a beneficial effect in balancing an overactive sacral chakra with calming, relaxing energy that cools hot tempers and big emotions.

venus woman collage art
[Chakra collage art illustration from The Heart Revolution by Benedikt Just]

And since this second chakra is notorious for absorbing emotions like a sponge, black stones are particularly helpful to sop up all that excess emotional energy, heaviness and stress, and get you grounded again.
Black and blue also resonate with the vibration of the kidneys in Traditional Chinese Medicine, which this chakra governs and are where we store and process emotional energy.

That’s a great starting place, but you’re not limited to that! There are many colors and types of healing sacral chakra stones that work well with sacral energy, and it’s really best to go with your gut in deciding which crystals to work with. Let that natural sacral attraction pull you towards the right healing stone for you.

To give you some good options, let’s look at 5 of the most beneficial sacral chakra balancing stones, and some easy ways to use them in your life.

Five sacral chakra stones that can support your sacral chakra healing

1. Carnelian

When you have a case of the blahs, are heavy, depleted, or stuck in a rut, orange carnelian is a great choice to get your inner motor revving again. It brings strength, courage, tenacity, and drive to pursue your passions, and can help you discover and nurture what truly brings you pleasure in life.
When you feel drained, exhausted, like there’s no gas left in your tank, your sacral chakra may be blocked or closed down. Carnelian acts like a key to open the door to your sacral energy flow, strengthening your inner reserves and helping shore up your energetic boundaries.

It’s also an excellent stone to use for aches and pains, as it helps move the blood and reduce inflammation. I love to rub a big carnelian sphere around my lower abdomen or on my lower back when I’m having cramps or pain, as it always helps ease the tension.

Wearing carnelian jewelry, or carrying a tumbled carnelian stone in your bra or pocket, is a great way to keep your energy and momentum up throughout the day. Reach for it whenever you need more oomph. And keep one at your workspace to get the creative juices flowing!

flower root chakra ancient egypt art
[Chakra collage art illustration from The Heart Revolution by Benedikt Just]

2. Moonstone

Our sacral chakra governs the energy of our internal waters, and just as the moon helps push and pull the waters of the Earth, moonstone can help shift the emotional waters within us. 

When you’re overwhelmed from doing all the things and feeling all the feelings, moonstone brings insight and discernment to your emotional realm, it reconnects you back to the wisdom of your intuition and helps calm the tumultuous ocean of emotions back to an easy ebb and flow.

There are different colors of moonstone that work well with the sacral energies. Peach or orange moonstone has a nurturing, feminine energy when you want ease and gentleness to help you relax and release. Rainbow moonstone, which is a glowing white with flashes of blue, heightens that innate sacral intuition and can bring light to a lot of the subconscious emotions you’re holding in there, so you can finally let them go. 

Laying with a moonstone on your second chakra as you breathe and relax, wearing or holding it during meditation and self-reflection, or sleeping with it under your pillow or by your bedside are all great ways to harness moonstone healing energy in your life. 

3. Amber

Amber is a wonderful cleanser of toxins and pain, both emotionally and physically. Formed over millions of years from the sap of ancient trees, it’s actually a fossilized resin, rather than a crystal, and carries potent effects for your sacral chakra.

When you need to cleanse and clear out all the emotional gunk, are feeling stuck or like you’ve been absorbing a lot of energy from others, amber can act like a protective barrier around this chakra well, so that it can’t be depleted by outside forces.

It draws out impurities and negative debris, helping absorb pain and inflammation in the reproductive organs, kidneys, and hips, as well as removing psychic and emotional debris that could be creating a sacral chakra blockage. It’s stimulating and rejuvenating, to lift you when your spirits are low, and help you give from a full cup. 

Wearing a chakra bracelet made with amber for all-day healing benefits, or holding a tumbled amber stone directly on your body where there’s pain, are great ways to work with it.

woman chakra points collage art energy field
[Chakra collage art illustration from The Heart Revolution by Benedikt Just]

4. Orange calcite

Do you want some zest, some spice in your life? Need to reconnect with your joy, passion, and enthusiasm? Orange calcite is like a burst of delicious tart orange energy to juice you up and bring a smile to your face.

When you’re feeling low or uninspired, orange calcite lights up your creative energy and confidence to go for what you want and helps stuck, stagnant, muddy emotions get flowing again. It’s a very healing stone that’s amplifying and soothing at the same time, to help relieve emotional and physical pain and realign you with joy, pleasure, and the yummy juiciness of life.

If instead you’re feeling too go go go and would rather calm down than energize, you might like its cool sister blue calcite to bring in a sense of stability and calm, to temper big emotions, and cool the internal fires a bit. Orange and blue calcite work wonderfully together as well to create emotional balance and an energy of true reciprocity, like yin and yang.

Place calcite directly on your sacral chakra, hold it during relaxation or meditation or keep a chunk of orange calcite at your workspace and blue calcite wherever you want to relax.

5. Smoky quartz

When you want an energetic sword to cut through the ick, smoky quartz is your perfect tool. Its energy is sharp, direct, and incredibly cleansing to help you release all the heavy, stuck, stagnant energies and emotions around your sacral chakra.

This isn’t a typical sacral stone, but it’s a wonderful grounding stone to connect you back to your body and the present moment. It clears physical and emotional stress and can help protect your energy field from harmful EMFs. It also brings that upper chakra intuition down into your body, where you can feel and act on it.

Using a natural smoky quartz point is my favorite way to work with it, as the pointed end directs energy exactly where you want it to go. You can lay with a smoky quartz point on your sacral area, pointed down towards your feet, breathe and imagine all the emotional baggage releasing down and out your feet.

open heart with flowers growing out of the heart and mathematic background

It’s also a great stone to wear as a pendant during the day for protection and grounding, as it’ll constantly redirect the dark and dense energies coming into your field back down into the Earth. Stick one in the bath with you to help you rejuvenate and release stress. They’re also powerful meditation stones that help you ground and sharpen your consciousness.

What happens when you open your sacral chakra?

If you have a blocked sacral chakra and you release that block through crystal healing, you will feel the difference when it’s open and flowing again.
An open, flowing, balanced sacral chakra feels like you have passion and drive, an impulse towards creating something, and lots of innate energy to help you turn those desires into a reality.

You feel flexible in mind and body and able to go with the flow. Instead of drowning in all the emotional waves, it feels like you’re riding them on a surfboard, actually having some fun and developing your confidence in yourself along the way.

Once you get the energy flowing again though, make sure you don’t verge into the opposite realm of imbalance and develop an overactive sacral chakra.
When your sacral energy opens up wide to give out all that beautiful creative energy you have, it’s also open wide to receive back all the energy from the people and environment around you.

This is actually the more common scenario I see in my clients, who are mostly busy working moms doing all the things for all the people. When your sacral chakra is overactive, those internal waters can start to boil over into anger, emotional outbursts, anxiety, and overwhelm.

It’s really important to create and maintain energetic boundaries, especially around your sacral chakra, and working with these sacral stones is an amazing way to do just that!

sacral chakra symbol flowers and math graph collage art
[Chakra collage art illustration from The Heart Revolution by Benedikt Just]

If you find yourself feeling too emotionally open and like you’re sucking up everyone else’s energy, here’s a simple sacral balancing practice you can do with your healing crystal of choice:

  • Stand or sit with your feet flat on the ground, and take a few deep breaths.
  • Imagine roots growing down from your feet and tailbone, down down down to connect into the heart of the Earth.
  • Take a sacral healing stone in your left hand, and slowly rub it in circles around your belly button as you imagine all the ick, heaviness, and excess emotional energy draining out of this area, and down into the Earth.
  • As you do this, say out loud or in your mind, “I release any energy that doesn’t belong to me, and I bring all my energy back to myself.”
  • Repeat over and over as you imagine all the ick draining out, and new fresh energy pouring into its place, refilling that vital sacral well.
  • Do this until you feel lighter and more balanced. Close the practice by imagining an energetic shell of protection all around you, extending above your head and below your feet, like a translucent egg holding you safely inside

Breathe and feel how your energy feels! Come back to this practice whenever you need it.

Stones are amazing energetic helpers to get you back up on the board when you fall off, but they’re not essential. You are all you really need! You have it all within you! As you play more with crystal healing, stay grounded in your own intuition around when you need to use your stones, how long to work with them for, and how you want to use them.

May your sacral chakra stones lead you into an adventure of emotional healing that brings more passion, pleasure, and creative fulfillment into your life!

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